test for iui tomorrow- any advise?
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kiki - April 30

Hi to all!! I am @ day 14 of my 2ww after my 1st IUI, I do the hpt tomorrow morning. I was wondering if anyone has had any of these experiences, as I don't know if I'm creating them or they are really there.... but my bb's have been sore for appx 4 days, I thought it was just because af was on the way, but normally that only lasts a day or less. I also have been extremely tired- like sleeping 8 hours plus & not being able to stay awake when I get home from work. I haven't even had any energy to go to the gym- or do anything productive... since I am combating PCOS...? I am on progesterone pills- which I've read can delay your af anyway... so I'm fairly sure I've talked myself into getting my hopes up. ??? I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this & if your result was --- or +++? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!


WantsBaby2 - May 1

Good luck. I wish you all the baby dust in the world! The progesterone will make you sooooo tired. When I have taken the oral prgesterone my boobs are so sore and they get a little swollen too. I have never had a positive...but don't go by me. Everyone is a little different in how they react to the meds.

I wish you a wonderful ++++++ on your hpt tomorrow! Keep us posted!



kiki - May 1

Thanks Wantsbaby2!!! I couldn't sleep any longer... I had to get up early today & take the test. It was negative, then I came back appx 10 mins later & there is the faintest of faint line on there.... so I'm going to retest tomorrow. But too late--- I've already got my hopes up now!!! Thanks for the advise & the ++ thoughts!! I will keep you posted! :D


LisainAK - May 2

Good luck and let us know - more baby dust your way - it would be hard not to have a little hope when the line is faint....they say are to have a false positive on those HPT!!! Best baby wishes!!


ElizabethS - May 3

faint lines normally mean pregnancy. Keep us posted and good luck. This is very exciting!!!

take care


Fortyfour - May 3

Good luck Kiki.


tinkerbell - May 4

Kiki, how was your test? I hope you got a BFP! :D


kiki - May 7

Hi ladies- sorry for the delay, but had to wait to get the blood work back... found out the positive was REAL!!!! We are officially pg!!!!! Now the worry sets in.... I have pcos, am on progesterone, we had to use clomid, and injectibles, hsg, and iui. Last summer I had a blighted ovum just after 5 weeks.... after we told our families & everything. I'm worried that it is going to happen again. We have decided to wait the full 3 month before telling anyone- I of course already had to tell one of my friends... she was there through the ordeal from last summer. I was wondering if any of you galz have had a successful pregnancy after a miscarriage- and how you were able to deal with the feeling that you were going to do something wrong & it will happen again?
We have our 1st u/s scheduled on 5/19- they said they may be able to see a heartbeat at that point. I think I'm being overly pessimistic.... and I'm hoping hearing the heartbeat will kind of put it into perspective for me!!!
Wish us luck!!

Thank you again for all the positive thoughts & baby dust!!! I guess your powers worked for me!! I will definately keep you all posted & will keep you in my thoughts & prayers for your positive vibes & oceans of baby dust your way!!!


BabyBound - May 7

Congratulations, Kiki... :D :D YIPEE!! I'm too worry about having another m/c, but I don't let it consume my thoughts. These things are out of our control for the most part, so I'm just enjoying everyday of this pg. I took go pg on my first IUI and it was so unbelieveable. Keep us posted on your u/s results.

The baby vibes has moved along to May. Good luck to everyone else in the 2ww.


WantsBaby2 - May 7

Congratulations Kiki! Yippee! Take care of yourself!



ElizabethS - May 7

KIKI - that is wonderful news. Congratulations on your BFP. The baby dust is really flowing around here. ;D ;D


Fortyfour - May 8

Congrats kiki and I hope all is well with your u.s. I have not had pg since m/c but it would seem normal to be nervous about it. Keep in touch.


kiki - May 13

Hi to everyone- just wanted to thank you again for all the thoughtful posts!! It's really nice to be able to talk about it here- since DH & I agreed to keep it on the DL to family & friends until after the 1st trimester.... just in case. I am trying hard to not worry about having another m/c- I am focusing now on eating better & trying to exercise more... I say exercise- I mean walk or do something active! ::)
Babybound- how far along are you? Have you had any morning sickness or anything?

I've noticed a LOT of heartburn- but no real morning sickness feelings. I kind of wish I had them- as I read it sometimes is an indication of lower percentage of m/c.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm still thinking of you galz & sending you all my good vibes!! Hopefully we'll have more +++ for May!!!


BabyBound - May 14

Hi Kiki, my due date is Jan 4th. As for m/s...I have a little nausea first thing in the morning, but it seems to go away when I get out of the bed. My breast are killing me throughout the night, but are fine doing the day. Other than that, no other symptoms.

How are you?


shaz - May 14

Kiki - Congratulations on your +++++++....

I am due the day before babybound and I have had quite a few symptoms this pregnancy. Sickness, sore boobs, tired, going to the toilet 20 million times a day. Say and do stupid things etc etc......but, when I was pregnant with my daughter (now 5), I didnt have one pregnancy symptom.....nothing until I felt her kicking inside me.
I know it might make you feel better to have some sickness but I dont think it means that your pregnancy is better off. I know it is so hard but just try and relax and enjoy......

Good luck to you



kiki - May 16

Thanks so much for the advise BabyBound & Shaz!!! According to the internet (based on last menstral cycle) my due date is Jan 5th!!! Looks like we will all be going through this together!! That is soo awesome!!
I'm not feeling terrible... I have the occasional nausious moments- mostly 1st thing in the morning- or when my stomach is empty & growling- it's not like I think I may vomit- more like my mouth starts watering & my stomach is upset for a minute & then goes away. I am having some MAJOR heartburn & seem to want more salty things to eat. My bb's aren't sore- except for my nipples- are tender, but I was not blessed by the boob ferry... so that may be why not as much going on there!? I'm very tired & have to get up every night in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! That never happened before!! (I'm usually way too lazy to get up & would normally just hold it!) With my last m/c I had no signs of anything (bb's, nausia, tiredness, )- just a late af, so any change in my eyes (for this pregnancy) is a good one! I still have in the back of my mind that I'm not- and I'm sure that when we have our 1st dr appt this Thurs- she will be able to confirm there is a little one growing in there. I think I'm scared to enjoy it- for fear that I will lose it & be devastated..... so I'm really trying not to think about it- until after the dr appt. I know that is not the best way to do it, but for a defense mechanism it's all I can do. I'll let you all know how the dr appt goes!
Have you both already been to your 1st appt? I think they are doing the U/S then- but I'm not really sure what other testing will be done.
Let me know how you're doing!!! I'll keep you both in my prayers and send you good vibes!! :P


BabyBound - May 16

Hey Kiki, it's sometimes hard to grasp that you got a positive and I understand your hestitation in not wanting to celebrate right away. But, I'll say this, try to enjoy this blessing and don't over think things. I know its easier said than done. I had my first u/s last Thursday. If you visit the post under Pregnancy, you will see the results of many of our u/s. It was amazing to see the heart beat. My progesterone levels dropped a little so I have to take Prometruim every night and go back for another u/s and b/w this Thursday. Everything will be fine. Again, if you want to know what to expect look up the post under Pregnancy...many ladies have posted their results. Take care and keep us posted.



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