test for iui tomorrow- any advise?
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BabyBound - May 16

Hey Kiki, it's sometimes hard to grasp that you got a positive and I understand your hestitation in not wanting to celebrate right away. But, I'll say this, try to enjoy this blessing and don't over think things. I know its easier said than done. I had my first u/s last Thursday. If you visit the post under Pregnancy, you will see the results of many of our u/s. It was amazing to see the heart beat. My progesterone levels dropped a little so I have to take Prometruim every night and go back for another u/s and b/w this Thursday. Everything will be fine. Again, if you want to know what to expect look up the post under Pregnancy...many ladies have posted their results. Take care and keep us posted.


kiki - May 22

Hi to all- just wanted to let you know- had the 1st dr appt- all went well!! We did see the little heart beating & they said everything looks fine! They gave me some of the prescription prenatal vitamins & they make me feel horrible! Are any of you having that problem & how are you combating it?
The OB gave me a bunch of different ones to try- a friend told me to take it at night....

Hope all is going well for you too BabyBound! :P


cassandra - May 22

Teriffic news kiki! Congratulations! Isn't it amazing to see a heartbeat this early? I wish you the best of luck with this pregnancy! cassandra


BabyBound - May 22

Hi Kiki, isn't it so exciting. I'm doing fine. I have my bought with nausea every non and then, but heartburn is what kicking my butt. I take my vitiamins either after breakfast or lunch. Taking it on an empty stomach will give you major problems.


shaz - May 22


How exciting for you. How many weeks are you???

I also take the vitamins after my breakfast. It actually says on mine to take them with or after a meal.

Do you have any other symptoms yet?



Fortyfour - May 23

Kiki, Congrats on seeing the heartbeat. I was unable to take my vitamins when was pg. No matter what I ate and when I ate they made me green with nausea. ( Greener than I was alread) I took my folate acid seperately though since that prevents spina bifada.


tmkling - May 31

Kiki, You give me so much hope. I go for my pregnancy blood test on thursday. It was my 1st iui. I don't feel pregnant and I don't feel pms. Wonder what is going on. I am too afraid to do a HPT. I want to be prego so badly. Have been ttc for almost 2 years. I love to hear your story. I am actually thinking maybe I will be blessed and lucky too.

Happy pregnancy to you.


kiki - June 2

Hi to all! Things are still going great- I just had all the blood drawn today for all the tests they run- like genetic checks & all that.... I hope everything turns out fine. They have me scheduled for another u/s next Monday- to make sure everything is fine. I too am on progesterone- 2 of the 200 mg daily- they found out w/ my 1st m/c that I do not produce any... but I'm feeling pretty good. The doctor's office said my due date is January 8th! That is my Mom's bday!! I hope it's close to that! I seem to be drawn to Capricorns naturally. :D This Thursday will be week 9, but it's actually only 8 1/2 weeks based on when the IUI was done. I'm getting a little more & more excited each day. I've told a few people now- we still haven't told our family- we're waiting a couple more weeks... but I was wondering if you galz had any good ideas from either your past- or your friends, on some creative ways to tell your family. Thanks for all the replies! It's really nice to get to share it with you all, since I spend all day trying not to slip up & say anything to anyone about it just yet!! I have been taking my vitamins with meals & it's not nearly as bad- thanks for the advise girls!! As far as any other symptoms- I am noticing some pimples on the back of my neck- right at my hair line- just in time for summer!! YIPPEE!! But all the rest is still here!!

Thanks for the sweet note tmkling!!! I'm sure you'll have a great story too soon! Try to stay positive- just remember you're not alone!!!! From what I'm seeing the baby dust spilled over into May- maybe this summer will be your time! Hang in there girl!!

Baby dust to all!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~



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