painful intramuscular injections
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paige - May 11

Oh I read your post. don't do them in your arm the needle is way too big and your chances of finding your muscle is so much less. They're so many more arteries to hit also. I can't believe someone suggested that. Remeber where ever you put it it probly will be sore for a day or two. Can you imagine not being able to raise your arm!!! Sorry if I'm harsh I just don't want you to have a bad experience. I would definitley only do your butt. Good luck keep me posted!! :)


Fortyfour - May 12

They should not be done in the arm because of the number of times you have to do them and the small arm muscle compared to the butt muscle. The docs dont want the progesterone shots even in the thigh unless you absolutely have to. ( being a nurse she should know this) It is so important that the meds be absorbed properly. I am a nurse and her suggestion makes me nervous. Take care .


paige - May 12

Hi I just wanted to let you know I am not a nurse. My freind was and my husband gives injections daily for his career. As far as absorbtion it is the same no matter where you inject it. I would go with what your doctor says. Good luck.


SMS1129 - May 13

Thanks for the advice. I should have waited until I take the IVF class before I asked my friend. I am not sure she knows how large the needle is and how long I will be doing these...I don't even know yet.

I know she will do them wherever the IVF nurse says it should be done. I will just have to let her know after the class. My dh had a hard time with the s/c shots...I can't imagine him doing these...

I just have to keep remembering the outcome of all of this... I get so frustrated sometimes.

Thanks again,



Fortyfour - May 13

Sorry if we are overprotective. My hubby gets pale and sweaty if I even mention the shots. I give them to myself. Take care and good luck with the cycle.


ElizabethS - May 13

Hang in there. I know that this isn't how you imagined making a baby, but it is all so worth it!

I think the first time will be a charm for you and IVF!


paige - May 13

It is totally worth it. You'll get used to them once you start. Forty four your like me we both did our own shots. I hit a vien last night I am running out of spots to put them!!! :)


karriearm - May 13

You girls doing them yourself are pretty darn tough! I guess if I absolutely had to for my babies, I would, but that would be very, very hard.
My husband is terrified of needles, at least he was, I think this experience has cured him.
SMS1129, when this is all over with and you have a little baby growing inside, you won't even remember the shots. They don't last forever, just a few weeks.
Good luck!!!


SMS1129 - May 14

Thanks everyone...I really don't know how sane I would be without this website. My dh and I talked about this all last night and he is on board for the IVF ride, whatever that entails.

I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and experiences. It helps so much!

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Fortyfour - May 18

Paige, I hit a vein one time also and didnt realize until after I had my pajamas on and walked by the mirror and saw a huge blood stain. I wondered if any progesterone stayed in that night.

Good luck everyone. It is amazing what you can do to yourself during this crazy process. If someone told me a year ago that I would be giving myself shots I would have laughed.


Karen123 - May 20

Hi everyone. I just read through this thread and hope it's ok to jump in. I just had my IVF seminar last night. I am absolutely terrified of the shots! I added them together and between the Luprin and the other stuff (I'm not up on the names and abbreviations yet) I have to take about 44 shots! Yikes! SO scared. I cried for a long time last night. The things we'll do for a baby! :) Thing is, if I was guaranteed a baby, that would be one thing. But at 39, my chances are only about 35%. Well, I wish everyone the very best. I'm going to go through with this because so many women have. You all give me strength. Thank you! Karen


justme - May 20

Just curious, how in the world do you give yourself the progesterone shots in the butt?????


paige - May 20

Well it helps if you have a big butt to begin with ;) I want to say it's easy but after building up so much scar tissue and running out of spots I can visually see it's not. I have bruises and nots all over my butt. Every night I take 2cc's which to me is a lot and suppositories. I think I'd rather take the shots :) I hate the other :'(


Fortyfour - May 20

Hi, I have to sit down at really twist myself to see the area. It is not easy especially with my stiff back. I kinda cross my leg over the other so I can get a good luck. Argh! take care


paige - May 21

Forty Four have you tried standing and putting the leg your going to put the injection in slight in front and then twisting. I don't know if that would make it easier for you?


inpain - May 21

Can anyone help me - I'm on my 4th day of the shots and in enormous pain where I can't even sleep. Is there anything that helps relieve the pain?



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