painful intramuscular injections
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inpain - May 21

Can anyone help me - I'm on my 4th day of the shots and in enormous pain where I can't even sleep. Is there anything that helps relieve the pain?


paige - May 21

Guest when I give myself a shot sometimes I rub it for a minute after so it doesn't not as badly and I put a heat pad on it for a while to help disperse it. I don't think there is too much you can do besides that. Are you putting it in too quickly? You made need to do it a little slower and make sur your getting the right spot. You maybe going to far in and hitting nerves!!!


Fortyfour - May 21

Sitting down is the best for me. I tried standing and then balance was an issue. Sitting is the safest and easiest for me. Thanks though.

In pain. --- I have alot of swelling from the shots and I do heat packs on the areas after I do the shot and then as needed. If you dont have a heat pad - put a damp washcloth in the micro for 30 seconds, put in a plastic bag, it helps hold the heat, and apply. My first IVF my buttocks were so swollen that my pants didnt fit. THey thought it might be an allergic reaction but it was better the second time, though still swollen. I hate the shots.


paige - May 21

I'm sorry standing didn't work that's all I've ever known. I'm right there with you on the pain and swelling. My butt is looking more muscular. I think I'm building another one with all the scar tissue!!


Kathy - May 29

I did not have IVF, but stumbled across this group because my doctor has me doing progesterone injections because my levels are naturally low. The first time I was pregnant, I only had to do them for a couple of weeks, because we found out at 9 weeks. This time, we found out I was pregnant very early, so I have to do them much longer.

I appreciate the support that you brave ladies provide. I feel very blessed thatI only have to do the one kind of shot, and that I only have to do them 2x per week (in addition to suppositories). I am just wondering, I can handle the pain of the injection itself, but what of the tips that ya'll have given will help with the pain that usually sets in about 24 hours after injection. I feel like a bit of a woose for aking, since ya'll must be in tons more pain than me, but any suggestions you have would be appreciated


Fortyfour - May 29

Paige - i was re-reading a post of yours. You mentioned that the meds absorbed the same no matter what muscle you put them in. If the muscle is small and you keep putting a large amt of med in it, the meds will not absorb the same. Sorry to be preachy. I just had to set the record straight. Take care.


paige - May 30

Fourtyfour the injection gets in you through the blood in the muscle. The size of the muscle has completley nothing to do with it! You can also find this out if you rersearch it more.


tiffany - November 9

have your nurse draw a circle on each side where the shots go, this has helped us lots
[quote author=karriearm link=board=8;threadid=831;start=0#5509 date=1115171156]
???My husband and I have really had a hard time getting the right spot everyday for the progesterone shots. he has hit my Sciatic nerve in both sides and today, I swear he hit my hip bone! My hip and leg are so sore!
I know about the outer quadrant zone, but it seens to be hard to hit everytime!
Any tips would be appreciated![b][/b]


tillie - November 14

i was told by my acupuncturist to cough when my husband is sticking the needle in, and it helps... the brain is tricked at coughing which seems to take it away from injection site. also as he is about to inject me he touches my other leg, so the brain again is tricked into feeling something on the other side.try it...


Jodi - November 25

Has anyone ever had a little medicine come back out after the needle is withdrawn? This happened to my husband and I and we've just started injectables. I want to make sure I'm getting all the meds... should I mix in a bit more with the next shot?


asunflower - January 17

I heard that you could put a local cream on called LMX 4% to help with the injections. It numbs the skin. Has anyone tried it?


Jacki - January 17

I live by the LMX 4% cream. It's the best thing since sliced bread. I am a pedi nurse and we use it before we do anything painful to our patients. You place it on the area for 30-45 minutes prior to the injection. It works great!



kavitha - February 16

hi everyone...this truly is a nice interative site as for first timers like me its a gr8 relief to c so many women going thru the same grind like me ...this is my first ivf so i can only give it my best shot and hope for the best to happen..good luck to all u guys !


fiso - February 16

Hi. I finally stopped the progesterone shots in the back side after 3 1/2 weeks. I';m glad it's over with that!
But here are a couple things that were recommended by several nurses, and that really helped me: we did the shots while I was laying down (totally flat, no pillow). It helped because one time while we were doing the shot standing up, I had a bad reaction in my leg and I couldn't move it for a while. Then my doc recommended to do the shots laying down. Also, ask your DH to rub the spot after the shot is done. I'm sure he won't mind! It helps the meds to go through the skin instead of making a big clump (and that hurts). One more thing, afer the massage, apply moist heat on the spot for 10 minutes. I bought a heating pad (that you warm up in the microwave) then you put a wet washcloth in the bag and you apply everything to your injection spot. That really helps. (that's similar to what Fourtyfour recommended).
I feel for all of you who still have to do the shots. It's no fun.

Fourtyfour, you are starting a new treatment soon, right?

Baby dust to all. Fiso


justme - February 17

Hi ladies! I have to jump in here and say the numbing cream worked wonders for me too. I used Emla cream. I would put it on 10 to 15 minutes prior to the shot and I would rarely feel anything. Maybe just a little pressure each day when the oil went in. Most of the time my neighbor who used to be a nurse gave my my shots, but even when DH did the IMs for me it was fine with the cream. I would not ever do it again with out the numbing cream. You guys need to demand it from you doc. My RE had told me that he didn't think it would work, but gave it to me anyway. It was GREAT!!!!!



Trying in NH - February 18

This post scares the crap out of me!!! I am doing my first IVF cycle and I should be starting those about March 1 or 2 depending on when the procedure will be. Thanks for the tip in the numbing cream I will ask my RE



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