IUI with Gonal+F in November
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shansy - November 22

Hi BethMX,

Glad to hear your IUI went smoothly... I know how hard it is to be patient and you're right- anything with your body that feels funny, you drive yourself crazy wondering...hang in there. I have taken these past couple of months off, my body was going bonkers on all of the meds, but I will be doing another IUI in Jan.
I was thinking I might get lucky and be pg naturally, my boobs are killing me right now, but I just saw some faint pink blood this morning so I am thinking that I will probably get AF soon... :(
Well, keep us posted! I'll be praying for you. :)


Souls - November 23

hi Rena, I didn't even catch how big the cyst was b/c the nurse was so non chalant about it. I had been checked totally before being on any med for cysts or anything else. I can't believe a dr wouldn't monitor someone on Clomid. I'm glad you changed dr's and I'm sorry you are having a rough time. It will get better. Yes, I went right into Gonal-F from Clomid. I started on 75 units-which I believe is pretty low. 1050 units must be in total?

Once you get through the first few days of injections it gets easier. I injected in the leg but from reading other posts it sounds like others did it in the stomache...no thank you.

BTW-I did get a BFP my first month on Gonal-F!!!! I just went for my blood test today...and again on Monday to ensure my numbers are climbing. Crossing my fingers!

Beth I dreamed of triplets before my BFP.

Believe that baby dust will fall...and it will. Souls


lcm - December 17

Hi Julie:

My story is similar to yours... I've done 3 IUI with clomid but this month will be my first IUI with Gonal-f. It was overwhelming when the meds arrive to the house. I'm very nervous about the shots. I've used Ovidrel for the past three IUI but they were only one shot per cycle. I will start my first shot tonight. If everything goes well, my IUI will be scheduled a few days after Christmas.



K.C. - March 18

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for the encouraging posts. After almost 15 months of trying - I started my first dose of Gonal-F today. I read up on everyone's advice and so far so good - no bad reactions or anything - just lots of butterflies!

Just a quick questions - I heard the doctor mention he saw a follicle inside a follicle but said that it's not anything to worry about - does anyone know anything about this - I've searched the net - but nothing!

Thanks again for helping me through this!



shansy - March 18

Hi everybody-

I started my Gonal-F shots last night...it wasn't too bad- my DH iced my stomach first, made it a little better. I am on 75 units after the dr. looked at my ultrasound and saw the classic "pearl" string of cysts (I have PCOS), so he wanted to down the units from 150 to 75 to try to avoid Ovarian Hyperstimulation...I am watching myself carefully and I am supposed to contact them immediately if I get really bloated...today I am sore (already!) on the inside...not looking forward to tonight's shot as it will probably make my insides feel even more tender..IUI is looking like it might take place next weekend. I go back to dr. on Tues. to check my levels. Wish me luck!!!

Babydust to all!!!!Keep in touch.


LisaT - April 7

Shansy- How did it go? I read everyone's post and I started my Gonal-f 75 tonight and go back on tuesday to see how I am responding. Is there anyone that is having an gonal f inj with iui now? Also how many of you got pregnant with this treatment?



FeCC - September 25

Does anybody still read this site. I am going thru my 3rd round of IUI, this time with Gonal-F. Have some questions. Please respond.


marb18 - November 28

Hi everyone. I need some help. I'm 27 and my husband is 31. We've been trying for over 2 1/2 years. I've been though 5 clomid without success. I changed doctors and he began me on gonal-f and lupron with IUI. The first two nights I took gonal-f 75. The next two nights I took 37.5 gonal-f. I had a dr appt the fifth day and they suggested that I stop this cycle or change to IVF. If I continue with IUI there is a extremely high change I will have multiples due to the large number of follicles I have and my age. My gut feeling is to continue with the IUI. What do you think?


BondletMom - November 28

Hi, FeCC and marb18. There is/was a group going at the Sounding Board forum for Gonal-F treatment. I was the last poster and it's been a while since then but would love to have others to talk to about IUI and all that.

FeCC - this will be our third round IUI, first time w/Gonal-F. Last cycle I was on the Gonal-F but no IUI since 3 of the follicles that were mature were on my left ovary (no tube on that side). So we'll try again this cycle.

marb18 - how many follicles did you have and what size were they? My RE will let me get up to 8 w/o cancelling.

I'll check in tomorrow both here and at the Sounding Board to see if either of you posted. :)


marb18 - November 28

Hi BondletMom-
I only have 5 follicles that are >16mm and 13 total. My erstidol level was 830 on Monday and dropping. I've never tried IUI and don't know if I want to jump right into IVF. My insurance covers either, so that's not an issue. If I do continue with IVF the dr will only input 2 fertilized follicles, so I feel as through that's limiting my changes as well. I'm currently leaning toward IUI since the chance so far has not worked in my favor, what could the chance be to have multiples.?.


FeCC - November 28

Hello, I had 3 unsucessfuls IUIs. First 2 with Femara and 75units of Gonal-F. Third one only with 150units of gonal-F. Never more then 2 follicles though. Chances are better with IUI then IVFs. I will try my last cicle of IUI this month... then go to IVF. The chances of having multiples for a woman that is NOT under treatment is 2%, for a IUI treatment the chances reachs 20%. I am not sure about IVF.


BondletMom - November 29

FeCC - you are one of the only women I've met who've been on both Femara and Gonal-F besides myself. I've always wondered why RE's did the combination of the two? I hope your IUI is successful and you aren't looking at IVF. If our IUI doesn't work there's no way we can move on to IVF - financially impossible for us.

marb18 - you are so lucky to have insurance that covers IUI/IVF! The chance of multiples w/IUI is higher than IVF especially if your RE will only put in 2 follicles w/IVF, however there are many cases of women w/5 or more mature follicles getting pg w/only one baby. I'd go w/the IUI, personally. My RE is letting me get up to 8 follicles which is high yet for some reason he isn't concerned about multiples. It's a hard decision to make.


FeCC - November 29

Hello BondletMom,
Well, the combination of pill and injection is called "hibrid protocol". it is not so light as using only oral pills, but not so agressive as using only injections. I had no side effects at all, but the results were not the expected as well. My next cicle will be only with Gonal-F. I am going tomorrow for the 3rd day ultrasound and hoping everything is ok to get started.


marb18 - November 29

I choose to go through with the IUI. It was performed this morning and everything went well. My husband's sperm count was 60M, so they were pretty impressed by that. I hope this will work. Wish me luck.


BondletMom - November 30

marb18 - I'm so glad you were able to go through with the IUI and do hope it works for you!

I have an u/s next Tues. for follicle check and to see what the cyst is doing...


rocioelen - December 1

Hi Shannon,

I will be starting my second cycle in about three days with Gonal F and Ovidrel. I had my first cycle two months ago using Bravelle and IUI did not take. I got soo stressed and took a month off. I met a lady who said she got BFN with gonal F after 5 years of trying other meds so I am hopful.

I wish you the best of luck....please keep me posted on your progress....Elena



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