IUI with Gonal+F in November
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BethMX - October 31

Hello Julie, Rena and all of you! :)

I am also doing my first IUI in November, I´m guessing somewhere around 11/12- 11/14. And I am also taking Gonal F 75. My RE said he wanted to see how my body reacted to the medicine, somehow the first IUI is a bit of a "test".

I am nervous but excited at the same time. I should start with Gonal in a couple of days and, although I don´t look forward to having all the needles, I guess I´m more excited about the whole IUI starting!!

Good luck to you and lets be optimistic!
Lots of baby dust!



silli_kitti - November 1

Your RE probably put you on a low dose because of your age. Your youth means that you have a greater % good quality eggs, and its likely that all the eggs you ovulate will be good ones, and a multiple pregnancy is very high risk. My RE said the chance of taking home a baby after multiple pregnancy is far lower than that of a singleton pregnancy and it decreases exponentially with each "extra" baby. Our bodies are only meant to carry 1 baby at a time.

Sounds to me like your dose is too low for your age, but it also depends on your dx and your FSH. I'm sorry the Clomid didn't work for you. I was on it for 3 cycles myself, all BFNs. Then I did a lot of research on it and found that it doesn't even work very will in older women and a lot of clinics don't even offer it to their older patients. I wish I had known that before!
My RE said for "mature" women (over 36 or so), only about 30% of our eggs are any good, so he likes to see his older patients ovulate at least 4-6 eggs to increase the chance that at least 1 of them will be good. So why he put me on Clomid in the beginning, where I only had 1 or 2 eggs is beyond me! Then I had two Femara/Gonal-f/IUI cycles and ovulated 6 and 8 eggs respectively. I responded much better to the injectables in terms of # follicles, lining thickness and blood level LH and E2.

Good luck and dumping bucketloads of baby dust on all you gals cycling this month!


Rena - November 1

Hi Silli_Kiti,
Thank you very much for your reply. Sadly I had baseline done this morning and my u/s showed a large cyst on my left ovary. I am feeling very pain at my left side. The nurse said she will discuss with RE and call me this afternoon to tell me if I can do IUI this cycle or not.
She gave me some birth control pill to get rid off cyst.
Do you have the same situation as me? What cause the cyst? Does Clomid cause cause cyst? Can I do IUI with cyst or wait another cycle? Can the cyst go away if I don't take birth control pill?


Julie - Hoping - November 1

Thank you for all of the well wishes reading here is so helpful! I did just unfortunately find out we're skipping this month. My bloodwork for the genetic screening they do on everyone didn't come back in time for the "checklist" they complete before starting this so they've asked us to not take meds and wait until my next cycle. So frustrating. This month just be trying the old fashioned way - good luck to everyone who's on their way - please let me know about the shots! I'll keep reading and likely be starting next month. I now need to cancel all of the insurance pre-authorizations. Dealing with my insurance has become my part-time job. Lots and lots of babydust to all!


silli_kitti - November 2

Rena, yes they can continue your cycle with the presence of a cyst, but not always. I'm sorry, I don't know what the criteria is. If they gave you BC pills, I would think that means they're going to cancel the cycle, but I'm not sure - maybe they'll just delay it with the pill? Sorry, I don't know. I've heard of women getting prescribed the pill to get rid of cysts, and I've also read about women who are just asked to sit out a cycle as the cysts can go away on their own too. Luckily I've never had cysts, but yes, they can be caused by the Clomid - its another reason why this medicine just plain sucks. There are much better protocols out there. They usually start with Clomid because its CHEAP, but you get what you pay for! I'm so glad you are off that stuff. I only wish, for your sake and mine, that we had known how bad Clomid was before we wasted time with it. But that's water under the bridge.

You are on a much better protocol now, I hope this cycle is a go for you. I know how it feels to think time is a wasting because of doctors who want to take the same baby steps with older women as they do with their 25 year old patients.

Let us know how it goes. Baby dust to you!


rena - November 2

Hi, Silli_Kitti,
Thank you very much for your reply. My nurse called me yesterday to cancel iui this cycle. She asked me to take Yasmin(birth control pill) for 14 days and then come back to do u/s to see if the cyst is gone. If the cyst is gone I can start the injection 3 days later. Did you take Yasmin before? I never take any birth control pill before and I am scared . I didn't take it yet. I want to know if I don't take it will the cyst be gone next cycle? My cyst is 26 mm on my left ovary and it cause pain at my left side. I took motrin to get rid off the pain. My concern is if I dont' take the b/c pill can the cyst be gone by its own?
If I know more about Clomid I will not take it. My previous doctor priscribed this med for me without doing any monitoring. I asked for a monitor but he said it's not necessary. I don't know when this cyst existed. It might be there at the first cycle of Clomid. This cycle my period stop and I think it is because of this cyst. I used Provera to induce the period. Does anyone know if you don't take birth control pill will the cyst be gone for the next cycle? How effective the birth control pill will be for the cyst? Will the cyst continue to growth if I don't take birthe control pill?
Thanks a lot!


Fortyfour - November 5

Hi - The birth control will shrink the cyst quicker than on your own with your hormones acting upon it. I had a 3 cm. cyst after clomid and it took a couple of months to go away. It depends on your body. Take care.


rena - November 5

Thank you very much for your reply. Do you take birth control pill to get rid off the cyst in 2 month? Do you have pain on the side? I have pain on my left ovary. I didn't take birth control pill since I am afread that my hormone will become imbalanced. I hope I can get rid off the cyst this cycle so I could start IUI next month. Will Gonal-F injection med cause cyst as Clomid did?
I am so worried about it.
Thank you very much!


Fortyfour - November 5

Hi - I had alot of aching on my left side where the cyst was but it was when I went to have sex and it hurt so bad I screamed that I knew I had something wrong. Sorry to say it took 5 months for it to go away. You could be totally different though. take care


rena - November 6

Dear FortyFour,
Thank you for your info. In your previous response you said that it took 2 month for the cyst to go away and in this response it took five month to go away. Were they are the same cyst? Did you take birth control pill to make the cyst go away? If I didn't take birth control pill will the cyst go away ? How long will it go away?
Thanks a lot!


Fortyfour - November 6

Sorry for the confusion - but it did take 5 months to go away. It was a stubborn one.


Souls - November 20

Hi Rina,

I also was told I had a little cyst after being on Clomid...I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I had a really bad time with it...went into a funk. Fortunately, the cyst was so small the dr wasn't even concerned with it. They said it would disappear on it's own. Clomid didn't help me produce more follies either.

I am on Gonal-F for Nov. I'm hoping tomorrow for some good news (day 30). I already took HPT that is suppose to detect at 25 HCG but came back BFN. I did have great results with follies this month so I'm hoping for a BFP, but if not I'm going again for Dec...as long as Christmas travel will permit us. I"ve heard mix reviews on the early HPT. I have friends that they have worked for and others where they haven't and they are indeed pregnant.
Take care,


rena - November 21

Dear Souls,
Thank you very much for your info. I am wondering how many was your cyst? Did you wait for a cycle for it to go away to do IUI? I am still waiting and would not know when it will go away. My cyst is 26 mm. I would come in to check on it at the end of this month if my periid arrives. I didn't have period last month due to Clomid. I used Provera to bring the period. I don't know if my period will arrive this month. If not , I might have to use Provera again. I am so upset about my revious RE since he proscribed Clomid to me without any monitoring. I request to do u/s to monitor but he said not. I changed to another RE and he let me do Gonal-F and IUI but when he looked at u/s last month he found the cyst and I have to cancel IUI this month. It's been very bad experience with Clomid. I wasted a lot of precious time. My period usually very regular. Under Clomid I missed period the first time.
Do you have cyst using Gonal-F? I am so worry that if I us Gonal-F next month the cyst will come out again.
Keep positive. I will pray for your. I am sure you will success soon.


shansy - November 21

BethMx- How did your IUI go? Just checking in to see how you are doing...you must be on your 2ww by now?

Baby4Us- I was wrong when I told you that I am going to do 1050 units of Gonal F. I just picked up my prescription and it is for 150 units- I'm wondering if this is too low? We are looking to start the injections in the beginning of January if all goes well...by the way, how are you feeling?? You must be so excited! I'm very happy for you and hoping we all get that joy sometime soon. :)


BethMX - November 21

Hello Shansy and all,

Just wanted to let share with you my 2ww!! It is awful..I never imagined I would feel so impacient!!
My IUI went well, although DHs sample wasn´t that perfect, our RE said it was okay to give it a try, as my body reacted very good to the inj.

So, it was last Wednesday and now we are waiting for Nov. 30 to do a beta. Hopefully! with good news....

I´m feeling okay, sometimes I think I´m a bit nauseous but I don´t really know if it is for real or if it is just me wanting to feel it.... you know what I mean? And I´m bloated and my breats feel funny....again...not really why.

DH and I are optimistic and the funny thing is we have been dreaming about a baby since Wednesday...really, I can see the baby in my dreams.

How are you doing? Hope everything is going well for you!!! Keep us posted.

Baby dust!


shansy - November 22

Hi BethMX,

Glad to hear your IUI went smoothly... I know how hard it is to be patient and you're right- anything with your body that feels funny, you drive yourself crazy wondering...hang in there. I have taken these past couple of months off, my body was going bonkers on all of the meds, but I will be doing another IUI in Jan.
I was thinking I might get lucky and be pg naturally, my boobs are killing me right now, but I just saw some faint pink blood this morning so I am thinking that I will probably get AF soon... :(
Well, keep us posted! I'll be praying for you. :)



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