Is Anyone Cycling in March
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Lani - April 17

Thanks for the luck, I will need it. They took the blood and I should know the results this afternoon. I really don't have a good feeling. I am so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hardly slept much last night. I didn't take a hpt either this morning, I was too scared.

I will keep you girls posted


Asunflower - April 17

Any news? Hoping and praying for you girl! I know that nervous feeling. I had it with my first try and it was horrible. Especially when it came back negative. It is always a possiblity but when it becomes a reality it really hurts. I am hoping for the best for you!


Kris - April 18

I am thinking about you and wishing you the best.


Lani - April 18

Negative. I will write more later.

Asunflower, good luck to you I hope the second time is it for you. I don't know how you had the strength to do it again, I do think I do. We will schedule a follow up with the doctor but I don't think I am giong to do it again, we do have 5 frozen embies that were frozen early on day 2 but I am not ready to deal with those either.

I think I am going to focus on adoption, I am tired of gambling, I want teh sure thing


Asunflower - April 18

I am sorry to hear your news. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. I of course cried a lot and blamed everyone and just wanted to know what was wrong with me and why I seem to be cursed. Our insurance covers 2 cycles so we thought we would at least try again. I am not sure where the strength came from except for the fact that we really want to have a baby of our very own. Adoption is always out there but for us it was jsut not the same. The desire to want to give birth to a child is just too strong.

What protcal did they have you on?? I forget, did you do Lupron? Talk to the Dr. and see what they think was the problem. they may really feel that some easy things acn be adjusted. I don't even know if my second try will turn out but I can say that the cycle went so much better. I would even try again a 3rd time. It is just faith in God and the will power along with a great hubby that keeps me going and helped me get through the first negative. I know you have tried several IUI's. Follow your heart and keep the faith. God does have a plan for all of us and I hope for you and I it is to give birth to a baby.

I will keep you posted. You are in my thoughts! I feel for you sister!


Kris - April 18

I am so sorry I wish I could do or say the right thing to make it better. I am thinking about you!


Lani - April 19

Asunflower and Kris thanks for teh kind words. I am hanging in there. I need to schedule our follow up appt and see what the doc says. See for us insurance doesn't cover anything and there is no way I can gamble on spending $12,000 + on another fresh cycle and risk it doesn't work because there would be nothing left for adoption.

I am adopted myself so as much as I wanted my children to have that biological connection I know what a true gift adoption is.

I was on the antogonist protocol, no lupron. I responded fine to the drugs so I don't htink that was the problem. We will see what the doctor says.

Good luck to you in the rest of your 2 ww.



Lani - April 19

Asunflower I have a question for you. How long after you went off the progesterone did it take to get your period? I am just wondering when AF is going to show up.



Asunflower - April 19

I truly do understand. Adoption could be a great option for you since insurance won't cover it. I was just curious about your protocal because I did the antagon protocal first and responded very well to the meds. No problems at all but we still got a negative. This time we did the Lupron and I stimulated even better and and even more eggs were mature. I will let you know how this one turns out. I read that possibly with the antagon protocal that I was stimulated too quickly and the eggs did not have the time to go through their "cytoplasmic maturity". It basically was rushed through the process and that is why we didn't have the best eggs. They looked good but were slow to grow. This is just a thought. I also read that for most people it takes at least 2 times to get it right. They can learn from your first cycle. Make sure you ask your RE lots of questions and see what the thoughts are. I wish the best for you and you truly have been in my thoughts quite often lately. As for AF, I got her about 4 days after. It wasn't a bad flow either. I thought it would be. Keep me posted! Best wishes!


Asunflower - April 21

Just out of curiosity I did a HPT. It was negative. It may be too soon and I am regreting it now since I am very down. I hope it was to soon to tell. But you both had your beta's at 9 days and Kris you did a HPT at 7 days. I had one at home so I thought I would see. I am trying to stay optimistic but it is hard to realize that we may ahve our second failed cycle.

Lani, hope all is well. Hang in there!
Krsi, hope things are going well for you as your pregnancy moves along!


Kris - April 21

I wouldn't read into it that much I have seen where tons of people have gotten positive betas after a negative hpt. The HPT is EVIL!!!!! How are you feeling other than being down? I still have brown discharge/spotting which my RE says is nothing to worry about but she doubled my PIO just in case.

Lani-I am thinking of you and wish the best in whatever road you chose to travel down. I think adoption is the most selfless thing anyone can do.


Asunflower - April 21

I hope you are right. I feel good, a little crampy at tiems. Tired but that is from the shots. I know that from last time. I did have a tiny bit of spotting on Tuesday. It only was two little times though. I thought it may be a good sign. I hope it was. I will keep you posted! Good luck to you!


Kris - April 24

I hope you are feeling ok or maybe not if it means BFP. How are you doing waiting until the 27th for your beta? I have my fingers crossed for you and DH and I hope this is your time for a BFP!!!!! Let me know how you are doing!


Asunflower - April 24

I am doing ok. Going crazy with the wait. I feel crampy at times but that is still about it. How have you been feeling? Any nausea? Did you feel any symptoms prior to your test?


Kris - April 25

I was really crampy before my beta I was convinced AF was going to start. I also had the spotting that just recently went away. I have waves of nausea throughout the day I have only gotten sick a few times though mostly just a constant feeling. I have found that eating snack type meals throughout the day helps.

Only 2 more days until your beta!!!!!!!


Asunflower - April 25

Yes! I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers! I feel crampy quite often too! Hope that is a good sign! How was your Dr. appointment?



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