Is Anyone Cycling in March
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Kris - March 14

I just started my first IVF cycle this month and was wondering if anyone else has a March cycle.


trying2BaMommy - March 14

Well I'm not in a IVF cycle...but am in some sort of a scary cycle.
Hmmm...March has been our most active month by far. Day 3 I had an ultrasound done everything looked great! Day 3-7 I was put on 150mg of Clomid. Today (Day8) I had an ultrasound still everything good only 2 folicles. Dr put me on Repronex (2amps) for Day 8-11. And Day 12 I go in for another ultrasound and hopefully they will see lots more folicles...cross your fingers! ???


Kris - March 14

I haven't been through any other fertility treatments my DH has a y-chromosome deletion so IVF/ICSI is our only option. I started my 20cc Lupron injections on Friday and I start my stims this Friday. I actually am in a much better mood than I thought that I would be.

I will keep my fingers crossed for your follies


Lani - March 15

I am starting my first IVF this cycle, I start my stims next Thursday. This friday I go in for my second baseline and I go off the pill this Sunday.

I am nervous but anxious to start, I swear this has been teh longest 2 and a half weeks waiting to start stims..I hope it goes faster once I start.



BabyBaba - March 15

I am in my first IVF cycle - I am now in the 8th day of Stims. I am on 300 IU of Repronex along with 5 units of Lupron. Went y'day for U/S and Blood Work. Doc/RE reported everything was okay and need to go tomorrow for U/S and Blood Work. I experienced more than the usual side effects of Repronex - Vaginal bleeding and menstrual cramps. The Doc said that is was okay. Initially, the RE said that the retrieval was scheduled for this Saturday 3/17. Need to see if they would go by that date - I think they want my follicles to grow some more before making the call. My fear is that I might run out of meds - The RE upped my dosage by 25%.

Besides the physical aspect, I think it is emotionally challenging - I guess we need to view these as tough times and weather it out. I have been through 3 rounds of IUI with Clomid and hope this would work out.

Hang in there and keep posted on how it is going.


Kris - March 15

Has anyone that has been on Lupron experienced body aches and mild acne? My RE said this is a common side effect for many women so I was just curious if anyone else had experienced this. I have 2 days left until I start my stims I am getting really anxious.

Keep us updated on your retrieval and Lani good luck on your first cycle.



Asunflower - March 15

I am beginning Lupron on Monday. I hope that I don't have those side effects. This will be my second IVF. First one failed in Jan. so I am hopeful this time. My RE changed my protocal to Lupron this time. I heard it helps you to stim slower and produce stronger eggs.


Kris - March 16

Good luck I am sorry about your January cycle I have my fingers crossed for your March cycle! My RE put me on the Lupron protocol because she said it was safer and easier to control the cycle. Since I don't have any experience with fertility meds I just trust she knows what she is doing. Do you have any advice?


shansy - March 16

I am beginning Gonal-F shots on Friday in preparation for an IUI this month. This will be my first IUI with shots, so I am pretty nervous. I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone else cycling this month. :)



Kris - March 16

I wasnervous about giving myself injections at first but now I have been on them for 8 days and it isn't so bad.
I just try to focus on the potential payoff and it makes me feel better about it. Good luck on your March cycle and keep us posted.


Lani - March 16

Well my meds all showed up today, holey cow is it a lot of drugs!!! and A LOT of needles!!!!!! I am trying not to get overwhelmed. I go tomorrow for my baseline and hopefully everything still looks good so I can start the stims on more week.

My protocol doesn't include Lupron, my doc doesn't like to use it I guess.

Kris-I hope you get to stop the stims and go for ER soon

Shansy-Good luck with your first shots tomorrow


Asunflower - March 16

I was told that Lupron allows your body to stim slower and hopefully produce stronget, ready eggs. My first go around we didn't do Lupron. I had 19 eggs retrieved, 11 fertilized and 3 embryos transferred none took. They were only at about 5 cell divsion on day 3. The RE thinks that the eggs didn't go throught their entire development process since they were not developing as qucik as they should so we are tyring the Lupron to help with that. Everything else was great with my cycle. Hopefully things will go bettter this time. The only trouble is more shots!
Best of luck to you!
Is this your first IVF?


Kris - March 16

Thanks for the information on what Lupron does in regards to a cycle, my RE told us that it would be a more conservative healthy process using Lupron. I hope you March cycle goes well I have a good feeling about March go back to the RE tomorrow for another sono and E2.
This is my first IVF and I have not been through any other fertility treatments so I can get a little overwhelmed at times. Do you have any tips on the shots or how to stay calm?


Asunflower - March 17

Is sounds like you have already started your shots. The SC ones are not bad. The ones that are not fun are the IM ones that begin once you transfer. Those you will need to ice your bottom for abuot 10 minutes before and then apply a heating pad afterwards. Trust me don't even try without it. You of course get used to them but you jsut have to stay positive and hope that the outcome is well worth the pain. Where are you getting your IVF treatment out of? I am doing my at Shady Grove in MD.


Kris - March 18

I have started all of my shots they are looking at egg retrieval on the 28th or 30th. Thanks for the advice on the IM shot I am dreading that one, as for the others they really aren't that bad. I have noticed that I am really cranky and emotional but I have found that taking a 30 min walk everyday kind of helps. I am getting my IVF treatment at the Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford, TX. Do you know anything about them I was told it is a great clinic plus it is only 15min from home.
Good luck with your Lupron shots on Monday I hope you don't have any side effects.


Asunflower - March 18

I haven't heard anything about them but you are very lucky they are so close. My clinic is 5 mintues away but I know some people go hundreds of miles. The weather is looking good for lots of time outside. Walks definately help. Just keep positive. We will be doing retrieval around the 7th. By the way, the retrieval is not too bad but afterwards you may be very sore for a few days. If they offer a precription for pain, take it. It is worth it. It really helps you to relax as well. You know it is a very stressful time. Plan on taking the day after off. I didn't last time and I really paid the price. I was off my feet for the next two days because I was so sore. Also once it comes time to transfer, don't transfer until you have blastocycts. They are the only emryos that will implant so if they are not at that stage, wait it out. We didn't know any better the first time and our embryos were slow developing. We did a day 3 transfer and we had embryos only at 5 cells. They hard part was that we ended up with 2 to freeze! If we had only waited we would probably be pregnant! Oh well! We live and we learn. We told our RE we wouldn't transfer anything before blastocyst. Even if all out embroys arrest. Which I don't think will happen based upon our past results. But there is no use going through the 2ww for nothing adn doing all those progesterone shots for nothing! Keep me posted! Good luck!


Kris - March 19

We are lucky that there are clinics so close there are so many couples that are not as fortunate. My dh travels so my mom will be in town to help out through the retrieval and transfer so I will be forced to take it easy. Thanks for the tip on pain medication I had a laparoscopy 2 years ago so I definately understand the power of a good pain pill. The clinic we are using only do blastocyst transfers they said it is the only way to really know if the embryos are viable for transfer. For the first time I am actually uncomfortable around expecting moms and new parents I don't know why but in the last week I have really been bothered by it. I will definately keep you posted I go back for bloodwork on Tues. Good Luck!



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