Transferred 2 compacting embryos, 1 that wasn't compacting
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kell - October 29

On 10/27/10 I had a day 4 transfer of two compacting embryos (one 12 cell and one 10 cell) and one embryo that wasn't compacting (10 cell also). The transfer was done on day 4 because they were developing slowly. They were graded as a 1.5 and two 2.0 (1 being the best grade). I also had assisted hatching done on all three.

I'm concerned that the chance of them implanting is low due to not transferring blastocysts and due to the slow development. Is my chance good or not? Also, are 12 and 10 cell embryos good at day 4?


walkeai - November 3

I am interested in how things turn out for you. Your situation sounds pretty postive, what does the doc say?

On day 5, I tranferred (just last Sat.) 2 morulas.....probably just at or past the stage yours were at. I am having a hard time being positive, no explanation for the slwer development. Mine (donor eggs) were thawed at 2 PN stage and developed 5 Days, but that shouldn't have an effect on the development too much.


Kell - November 3

I'm not feeling very positive either. This is my second attempt. This whole process is so difficult. My beta is this Saturday, 11/06. When is yours?


walkeai - November 3

I don't think they were developing that 2 were only at 7-cell at Day 4 and about where yours were Day 5 when I transferred (not that my situation should bring you comfort :) Doc and nurse say important thing is that they are still growing, even if slow. Plus yours were graded well.
2 questions for you: did they offer any reason for 'slower' development?
and why did they do the assisted hatching?
You only have 4 days to go! I test Nov. 12th. I have got to stop reading online! Will you let me know what the outcome is?


Kell - November 3

I think looking this stuff online will be the death of me! I can't tell you how many hours I've spent doing it.

The only explanation I was given as to the slower development was that some just do (not very helpful). The assisted hatching was done to help the embryos break out their shell. It's normally done for couples that have had previous IVF failure, for older women, or for embryos that have a thick outer shell. It's supposed to improve the success rate. We'll see...

I will absolutely tell you the outcome of my test. You have to let me know yours too! Good luck! If you're feeling disheartened, send me a message and I'll try to cheer you up. :o)


walkeai - November 3

Ok, thanks! My husband is worried that I will get flagged at work b/c of my excessive internet surfing :), I am just worried I will drive myself crazy. I am not going to let myself test at home though.
Will wait to hear your news, goodluck.


Kell - November 4

Yeah....about those home tests...I've been bad and have tested every morning since Monday. All have been negative. :o(


walkeai - November 4

They are testing you pretty early (compared to my clinic waits 18 days from retrieval day)....don't lose hope yet. Did you test today? If not, don't! Just wait.
So I am just old are you and have they identified why you were having trouble on your own? I assume they checked your egg quality w/ FSH test. And how many fertilized eggs did you start with?


Kell - November 4

I am 30. My husband had a vasectomy before we met so that's why we're doing IVF. I was so naive to think this would be a sure thing. After my experience and reading online it seems like such a gamble. It's so sad that it doesn't work for everyone. I for a juvenile judge and I see parents all the time that abuse their kids. It makes me so mad. So many women would love to have a child and can't.

What is your situation?


walkeai - November 4

I am 38 and have a 4 year old son, conceived naturally (took 9-10 months to happen), husband's sperm is not 'nrmal' but issues are not significant. My eggs were probably getting weak at that point and after trying 2 years for #2, my FSH tested at 25 (really high). So we went right to donor eggs, no ivf w/ my own. Because I have my own child, I think this was easier to accept. There was constant setbacks trying to synch up w/ the donor (her 1st trigger shot did not take which messed up all of the timing). And b/c she donated 2x before w/ good outcomes, I never imagined the embryos would develop slow. Not sure how many times I am willing to try, its draining!
I hope it works out for you though! Are you happy w/ your clinic? I am going to Shady Grove in MD, supposed to be the best w/ donor eggs, so trying to keep that in mind!


Kell - November 5

I'm pleased with my clinic. I just wish they had a magic wand! LOL. I took another hpt this morning (I know, I know) and it was negative. :o( Not feeling good about this. Beta is tomorrow...


Kell - November 8



walkeai - November 8

I'm sorry to hear that. Are you talking to your nurse or doc today? I hope maybe they have feedback or advice. Are you going to go for another round do you think? I wish you luck and know things will work out for you.


Kell - November 9

They want me to come for a post cycle "regrouping" appointment Wednesday but I don't see the point. My husband and I have spent $33,000 (IVF isn't covered by my insurance) and we have nothing left to do it again. It seems like a waste of my day and travel expenses (my doctor is over 2 hours away). I'm just numb right now and don't know what to do. How can I accept that at 30 I won't have children?

So when is your beta? Will you let me know the result? Good luck to you.


walkeai - November 9

Wow! Is that the cost of 2 rounds? I know donor eggs are expensive but I thought ivf w/ your own eggs was more like $10M per time. I know its still alot of $. I don't think you mentioned....have they identified what your fertility issues are? It seems too soon to have to give up on the idea of having a child. I know the clinic I am at will make loans to patients who need the help. I don't blame you for not wanting to make the drive, but you should atleast do a follow-up via the phone if nothing else.
I will tell you what I find out, my beta is Friday. I have no idea what to think.


Kell - November 9

Both cycles I had to stimulate a couple of days longer and the extra medication added $1,000. I also included our travel expenses. It's over 2 hours to my doctor and several times we had to spend the night. Plus my husband had a vasectomy so I included the cost of his procedure. We've also already had to pay sperm storage fees. It's ridiculously expensive.

As far as my issues go, I never thought I had any. I never tried to conceive prior to marrying my husband so the only reason we did IVF was because of him. Now I'm not so sure that I don't have issues.

So your clinic loans to patients? How does that work? Mine doesn't and everything has to be paid in full at least two days prior to starting a cycle.


walkeai - November 9

I guess I am surprised they go right to IVF just b/c of the vasectomy, but maybe that's how it works with a vesectomy when its not reversed. His was not reversed? Does your husband have a really low count then? I would think they would verify you ovulate fine and your eggs are good quality, lining is good, and do the hsg test...
I am just trying to see if I can give any advice. In terms of the loan, I know Shady grove's (In Maryland/DC) website talks about financing options, check it out.



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