Success rate of 5-day morula transfer
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dreaming_of_baby - July 15

Hi Dr. Smith,

I am 34 and my DH is 41. We have been trying to conceive for 3. My tests are normal. My DH has very low morphology (0%), count, and motility. DH was on high doses of Vitamin C and E for three months prior to us moving forward with IVF/ICSI.

I responded well to the meds and produced 16 eggs, 14 of which were mature. We were told that because of the quality of the sperm, of the 14, only 6 were successfully fertilized via ICSI.

Two days ago, we had a 5-day transfer and received some disappointing news that none of our embryos made it to the blastocyst stage. Upon the recommendation of the RE, we transferred one cavitating morula and one morula. We were given a 30% chance. We heard yesterday that our other 4 embryos arrested, so none were frozen.

I have researched online and have found very mixed information. So, I am curious to hear what the statistics are for a BFP with a 5-day morula transfer. Do you agree with the 30% chance? If this cycle doesn't work, are there other things we should consider?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


walkeai - November 3

What was your outcome if I can ask? I just had the same thing happen on a transfer, of 5 embryos (that were thawed at 2 PN stage), 2 were early morulas that were transferred on Day 5. Doc did not give a chance %, but said it would be comparable to 3 day transfer (or 50%). I feel the same way you did, not much explanation for slow development.


dreaming_of_baby - November 3

We were very lucky and I ended up with a BFP. I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby boy on April 1, 2010. My DH and I consider him our miracle baby. I wish you all the best!


walkeai - November 3

Congratulations! That is promising news. Just curious, did the doctor have any explanation for the slower development...was it attributed to sperm quality also? I can't seem to find much explanation other than that they are 'slower'. Also, is cavitation a morula that is farther along? I think mine were both pretty early stage Day 4.
I have a 4 year old son conceived naturally and after TTC for 2 yrs., found out donor eggs was the only was to go (I have DOR). So these eggs were younger. Wishing you the best for the rest of your preganancy! Are you finding out what you are having?


dreaming_of_baby - November 3

Thanks for your well wishes. We're having a boy!

I was never given a reason for the slow development other than sperm quality, specifically the morphology. Although I did find online that the reason is unknown "if the embryos are slower than average because they are weaker, or because they are strong and healthy but just going a little slower than average."

If your embryos are 4-day morulas and not 5-day morulas, that's right on target and not slow at all. We had 5-day morulas. Stages of embryo development are: morula, cavitating morula, early blastocyst, expanding blastocyst, etc.

Hope this helps. Take care and good luck!



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