slow cell division/donor/what to do from here?
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jeanice - October 20

I got pregnant with my own eggs (age 33, 37, & 38, 2 tubals, 1 ivf success(age 39), but lost the baby with a placenta problem @ 6 months(did CVS). I always had grade A eggs but my doctor did not freeze on day 3 so I lost 23(2 ivf cycles) grade A embroys on day 5(age 39). Now I am 41(just turned) and
the last IVF I did, my eggs did not divide too well so we moved to donar eggs. I went to Dr. Schoolcraft once and he said he bet it was the sperm even though it looked good because
I had been pregnant without tubals before too. Only with my husband did I start to
have problems. I have NO scaring in my tubes. When we have intercourse, it
feels like something is crawling in me. I can not stand it. It burns. Now IVF
has been unsuccessful--period.

We used donor eggs with a donor who had been used 8 months before on another
couple. They had success, got pregnant, plus had 5 blastocysts left to freeze.
Our embroys did not multipy well at all. 1 7 celled, 2 6 celled, rest 4 cells. It is hard for me to believe it is not the sperm. The donar has done it 3 times and
everyone has been successful with blastocysts to freeze.

You can not tell me a 23 year old just happened to produce bad eggs on our
IVF cycle? After the transfers, I always feel something weird happening about
day 3 after the transfer, almost like a rejection is going on. I feel that I am never going to get pregnant as long as my husbands sperm is involved and now
I am getting older--just turned 41.(Husband 47)

Does anyone have any knowledge in this area? I do not know what do do
from here. We have had 3 unsucessful IVFs now in a row and I am sooo
sick of it.

Any ideas--besides adoption? Please help. Did all the anti-sperm tests.

Please reply quicklly. Help.


Dr Smith - October 20

I replied to your other post (you posted your question twice).



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