FET transfer of blast
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trishwalla - May 10

hi Dr. Smith.

we did our first IVF in April - transferring one 5day blast (we only transferred one due to my having uterine didelphys). we had a chemical pregnancy the first time around.

we have 3 frozen blasts - i believe they're 6 day blasts vs 5 day. anyway, if all goes well we'll go a FET in a couple weeks. my question is would you recommend just transferring one again or should i ask the RE to put back two since the first IVF failed?

also, are there any tests i can have done between now and the FET that would provide insight into immune issues or anything else that might have prevented the pregnancy from properly implanting and developing.

i'll be 37 in two weeks and starting to feel immense pressure to be aggressive in our TTC #1.

any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. and i want to sincerely thank you for providing this site as it's been so helpful to me and so many other women. thx!



Dr Smith - May 11

The one verses two embryo issue is a tough call, but I'd go with two on the FET for a couple or reasons. First, they are frozen-thawed and that translates into a slightly lower impantation rate. Second, they are Day 6 blastocysts that, again, translates into a slightly lower implantation rate. These two factors make it pretty unlikely that a twin pregnancy would result from a two embryo transfer.

A single chemical pregnancy is not indicative of an immunological problem, so you might be jumping the gun a little bit. The immune testing is expensive and not really necessary in your case (at least at this point). For more information on the available reproductive immune testing, see www.millenova.com or www.repromedix.com.


trishwalla - May 15

hi again Dr. Smith. thanks for the response.

unfortunately all the doctors at my clinic are advising against transferring two. i'm so upset. i want to put in two but they say since i've only had 1 IVF failure that it's premature to try two blasts and risk twins given my didelphys.

in the end it's my decision - just wish at least one of the doctors there had been open to it.

do you know anywhere that i can see statistics for FET success rates for someone in my age range - i'll be 37 next Monday.

i was so excited about bettering my odds with transferring two and now i feel let down with the thought of just transferring one.

thx. trish


Dr Smith - May 16

Go with your doc's opinion on this. They understand the situation beter than I. I said it was a tough call, and it is. You're not loosing anything, since the second embryo will remain frozen for a subsequent attempt, if necessary. Hang in there and go with what your docs are telling you. Your situation is very unusual (because of the uterine didelphys), so the chances of pregnancy from a single embryo transfer are impossible to predict. Best of luck.


trishwalla - May 18

Dr Smith. thanks again for your 2 cents - i really appreciate it. though i still have a day to change my mind i think we'll go with one blast this time and then if god forbid it doesn't work i'll transfer the final two frozen blasts next month.




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