Early Blastocyst on Day 5
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nina78 - October 20

Hello Dr. Smith,

I first wanted to thank you in advance for answering my questions.

My husband and I have just completed IVF/ICSI #3. We are 32 and 33 respectively.

We have been trying to conceive for 5 yrs now, and only once we felt pregnant naturally (this past January, but unfortinateyl we have lost it at 6 weeks)

My husband's semen analysis shows an excellent count with a motility of 28%. As for me, at the beginning, all the results were perfect, but during our last IVF, we have discovered, what my RE thinks is a chocolate cysts. I have never been diagnosed with endo, so this was new to me.

During our first IVF, using long protocol, we had 20 eggs at ER, and 14 matured. 4 eggs were being fertilized by IVF and none were successfully fertilized, and 9/10 eggs were successfully fertilized via ICSI. Out of all these embryos, on Day 5, we had one excellent blast and one early blast. This cycle resulted in chemical pregnancy.

During cycle number 2, we had 23 eggs at ER and 21 were matured. We ICSI all of them and 14 were fertilized. By day 3 most of them were 8 cells and couple of 6 and 7 cells (grade 1 and 2), but by Day 5 we only had one morula to transfer. That cycles resulted in no pregnancy.

During our last cycle, we switched the protocol to short one and we had 9 eggs at ER and 8 fertilized (ICSI). On day 2 we had 4 slow ones...... cells: 4, 3, 2, 2. But by day 3 they all cought up to cells: 8, 8, 7 and 6 (grade 2). Today, 5 Day transfer, we had one early blast to transfer and my RE said 2 more are compacting and we'll see if by tomorrow we can freeze them.

My first question is: Out of so many eggs retreived and fertilized, how come we only had one perfect blast and one early blast to transfer?? Is there anything that we can do to imrove our embryo quality?

My second question is: What are our chances with an early blast transfered today? Please keep in mind that out ER was done at noon 5 days ago, and the report of my early blast was given to us today at 9.30am.

Thank you soooo very much.


nina78 - November 7

For those of you who are in the same situation and are wondering how my cycle turned out - well I got my BFP!!!!!

I am currently waiting for our first u/s (and I hope everyday my little bean will decide to stay), but so far so good. Early blasts can definitely result in pregnancy!
Good luck!


clairej777 - November 11

Hi Nina,

Firstly, huge congratulations to you! How are things now?

I've just been online looking through a thousand forums as I'm in a very similar position to you right now.. So this is my 2nd cycle. We had one sad ectopic where I ruptured and lost a tube (after 8 yrs TTC), then went right into IVF.

First cycle was long protocol and they only managed to retrieve one egg. We were devastated and waited a year before trying again. I suffer with PCOS, but my husband is fine, normal sperm counts etc thank God. I was given a 3 month course of provera and progynova prior to my second cycle to prep me. Am also taking metformin.

This time around we did a short protocol and I had 9 eggs at retrieval! 8 mature, 4 fertilised through ICSI. Day 3 we had two at 6 cells each, and 2 at 10 cells each which we were totally happy with.

Now I went this morning for transfer, and it turns out we had one early blasto, two morula, plus an 8 cell. I opted for the blast and one morula to be put back.

These weren't graded, and I am now in that terrifying wait period. They call it 2 week wait but I've been told 10 days as we went to day 5..? Will see how it goes anyhow.. Your story has given me hope today :-) so thank you! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and birth for you, Claire x



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