4th IVF cycle failed--what to do next?
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Amanda26 - April 10


I am 33 years and so is my DH. We've been on this infertility journey for the past 3 years. I was diagnosed with severve endo and had lap to clean it out in 2005. When I was with my first dr, I was on Clomid and did (3) IUIs. All 3 resulted with a m/c and 2 ectopic pregnancies. I also had both of my tubes removed. I then did a fresh embryo transfer w/2 embryos and they did not implant. The dr said my lining was not thick enough. We did several "mock" transfer cycles where they would stimulate my body and check the thickness of my lining. After I think 2 or 3 rounds, he said I was ready for my 2nd IVF cycle. I did frozen embryo transfer with also 2 embryos. This also did not implant. I'm sorry I don't have the information for those embryos grade. My DH and I decided we needed a fresh start so we changed dr in 2006. She checked to make sure my uterus was OK with some kind of testing called hsterogram (I think). This dr. used Lupon, Follistm, Menopur, and Prometrium caps in her treatment. The last dr. used Lupon, Gonal F, Bravelle, and Progesterone capsules and shots.

In 12/06 I did my 3rd IVF cylce- fresh embryo transfer with 4 embryos put back in me. (2) grade 2, early blast, and a grade 3. 11 follicles retrieved with 11 eggs. 9 fertilized, 5 were dispose. After finding this site, I realized grade 3 should not even be consider. My initial blood work came back positive (monday). But when I came home from work that evening I started a light bleed. I called the dr the next day and they said to take the day off and rest and come back in the next day (wed) for additional bloodwork. That day they said my leveles had dropped and I'm miscarrying.

We met with the dr. for a consult and decided to try again. She did mention that my eggs did not look that good and was concern with it. She suggested we do another IVF cycle with more stimulating drugs this time and also to try PDG. Since a majority of all these costs have been out of pocket for us, I asked her about acunpunture. She recommended I do acunpunture, so we did and opted not to do PDG for now. My transfer was on 3/25. I had 21 follicles, 15 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, and 4 put back in me. They were (2) grade 2, early blast, and no grade- a mourella. I just received my results and it's BFN again.

I don't know what to do this time. My DH and I do not want to give up. We truly believe that with all the good things happening for us and this is the only struggle we have that we will be blessed one day. Can you please offer some kind of advice as to what we should do next. What kind of questions we should ask. Maybe we should switch drs again. I don't know. Mentally, I feel I can do another cycle but maybe with some further testings, maybe my immune system is rejecting the embryos, my eggs are not that good, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Amanda (I'm in Houston TX)


repsac - April 23


I sould strongly recommend that you reach out to Dr Walid Salehg in Dallas. He can give you a through free analysis of your history and next steps.

the hsd hystergram) is good for determining if there is anything affecting your endmetrium. But there is so much to it. Premetrium may or may not provide enough support to sustain your lining long enough to carry a baby.. or you could havehihg levels of natural kille cell activity that is attacking the embryos.

Regardless, you need an expert 'review' of your protocol and cases. My qiestion sis why yopu are n;t getting higher quality emrbyos.. I am 44 and always get 10+ eggs each cylcle.

dr saleh can be found at sirm.com (dallas office)

Good lukc



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