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Tatty - May 6


I have just undergone my first icsi session, I am 32 & DP 35. I have been diagnosed with severe endo & DP has MF. My FSH 2.9.

Due to the cancellation of one cycle due to my womb lining being to thick & because of easter hols I ended up d/r on Synarel for 8 wks. I then moved onto 150 gonal-f to stimms but by then had a 25mm cyst on one of my ovaries.

Day 8 stimms, e2 750 I had 5 follicles on the left ovary(one with cyst) & 2 on the right other ovary. Gonal-F was increased to 225 & 5 days of Luveris(LH) was prescribed.
Day 10 scan showed the follicles were still growing E2 1500, cyst 27mm.
Day 14, cyst 40mm & 10 follicles altogether 12, 13.5, 15, 16, 18, 19, 2x21,23 going up to the 25mm one E2 4315. Ovritelle (synthetic HCG)

Day 16 EC 35 hrs after HCG. Only 5 eggs collected, apparently only 7 follicles found. Cyst drained.
Day 17 4/5 eggs fertilised by ICSI, all were suitable.
Day 18 ET 1xgrade A 4 cell & 1xgrade A 2 cell, embryologist was confident it would progress.

Obviously I am disapointed in the amount of eggs collected, I feel the clinic kept me d/r for too long which then may have caused the cyst. I also am wondering what happened to the other 3 follicles.

Anyway, could you tell me whether you would be happy with the grade A 2 cell embryo?, depending on the time the ICSI was performed the embryo was around 48 hrs old.




Dr Smith - May 9

At 48 hours post-insemination, embryos should be between the 2-cell and 4-cell stage, so both embryos were at the appropriate developmental stage for Day 2. However, their developmental potential is a long ways from being established. Most embryos look fine at the 2-4 cell stage, but their appearance on Day 2 does not predict their continued development. For one thing, the genetic contribution from the sperm has not yet come into play (that happens Day 3). Many embryos stop growing on the third day of development due to genetic abnormalities.



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