Post Adoption Depression Tips

Adoptive parents often shy away from admitting that they are depressed, or from getting help. They worry that they will be branded as unfit adoptive parents - and they worry about jeopardizing their future chances at adopting more children. 

They assume that they should be in a state of bliss - after working so hard to get this child.  It is very important for adoptive parents to know that depression is common once the baby arrives, and to be willing to ask for help. 

PADS may affect one out of every ten new adoptive mothers, and as many as 65% of adoptive parents feel some depression after adopting a child. 

If you find yourself feeling depressed, take care of yourself as much as possible. Here are some ideas:

-Take naps, eat well, go for walks, and cut back on your obligations. 

-Ask friends and family for support. 

-Give yourself time to bond with your child - it may not happen overnight. 

-You can join an adoptive support group or a play group.  These people are experiencing similar issues and will be more supportive with your situation than will a regular "new moms" group. 

If these self-help ideas don't help, then seek professional help from a mental health professional familiar with adoption.


Table of Contents
1. Depression After Adoption
2. Post-adoption tips
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