The Estradiol Test Procedure

The estradiol test procedure is extremely safe and straightforward. On Day 1 of your menstrual cycle, contact your fertility clinic and make an appointment to have the test. On Day 3 of your cycle, you will have your blood drawn from your arm.

This blood sample will be sent to your clinic's laboratory for testing. Results should be available within a few days.

The Results

Normal Day 3 estradiol levels tend to be around 80 pg/mL or lower. If your estradiol levels are higher than this, then this could indicate a problem with your ovulation. You may be further into your follicular phase than you should be, or your estradiol may be masking a problem with your FSH levels.

After the Estradiol Test

Your reproductive endocrinologist will discuss your test results with you. She will also suggest any further treatments that may be helpful in achieving pregnancy. These could include the use of birth control pills or other hormonal medications.


Table of Contents
1. Estradiol did you score?
2. Reading your test results
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