How Do You Pursue a Closed Adoption?
Closed adoptions are typically pursued through public adoption agencies. These are agencies that are run by your local or state government and often involve children in foster care. Closed adoptions can also be pursued independently, however, this is much more difficult.

Independent closed adoptions necessitate the use of an intermediary (usually an adoption lawyer) who will locate birth parents and complete the legal adoption process.

Closed Adoption: The Debate
Closed child adoption is a highly debated subject, and it has many opponents. A number of social organizations and adoption agencies refuse to provide closed adoptions because it limits a child’s opportunity to develop a relationship with her birth parents. Over the past two decades, numerous studies have been conducted regarding closed adoption.

Many of the results illustrate that closed adoption only has a negative impact on children, preventing them from exploring their own family histories and backgrounds. For this reason, closed adoption is rarely pursued nowadays, except in extenuating circumstances.


Table of Contents
1. Closed Adoption
2. Why Closed Adoption?
3. A case for closed adoption?
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