Study Results Of SCSA (sperm chromatin structure analysis)

Studies performed over several years have yielded conflicting data in terms of pregnancy rates for men with DNA fragmented sperm. In the early stages, it seemed apparent that men with more than 30 percent of their DNA with fragmentation had poor pregnancy rates. In 2004, the results were very different indicating that even with sperm DNA fragmentation, pregnancy rates for couples using SCSA testing was higher.

So, what does all of this mean?

The conclusions about an abnormal SCSA test seem to be that all men, whether they are fertile or not, have some sperm with DNA fragmentation and men with normal sperm can have an abnormal SCSA. The SCSA is more consistent than semen analysis; however, certain things can affect the outcome of the testing such as fever or certain medications.

Overall, the evidence suggests that men with abnormally high levels of sperm with DNA fragmentation have a pregnancy rate similar to those who have a normal level of sperm with DNA fragmentation.


Table of Contents
1. Quality of sperm
2. DNA fragmentation
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