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Julie - Hoping - March 7

Hi ladies
I've read too much on the Internet and just figured I'd try and get your opinion. I had my 3rd IUI cycle, this time with gonal-f and novarel 10,000 b/c it seemed ovidrel wasn't making me ovulate. When I had my progesterone check 5 days after the novarel shot they were pleased it was good.

My pregnancy test is the morning of 3/9, which is also when AF would be making another appearance. On 3/4 I had brown spotting when I wiped… I was gleeful - implantation spotting days before my period! But then it continued... and it still there and brown just when I wipe, 3 days later. I'm guessing this isn't a good sign right? I usually have very light spotting the day before my period... never 5 days before it so I am guessing this has something to do with the new drugs we tried this month? Please let me know your thoughts when you have time. Good luck to everyone and LOTS of babydust!


snindy - March 11

Brown spotting is good. I had brown spotting the day before my pg test. It only happened in the morning and then disappear. It would come and go even after the pg test came back positive. They said it was implantation bleeding and said when you have multiples you will bleed more. So I'm crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for you. Don't think negative yet. As long as the spotting is brown and not bright red.

Good luck


minniemouse - June 14

Hi Cind, I hope u don't mind me talking 2u-i'm going nuts, I'm in my 1st ever 2ww post embryo xfer 02nd June, today day 12 - brown mucus on on wiping - disasterous - hubby v.positive but i'm feeling soooooooooo down, due to take test in 2 dys. sorry, can't stop blubbing........tons&tons of babydust toyou all, you're all very brave, good luck to everyone, from rainy England!!!


snindy - June 15

Your stressing too much. Just relax. Like I said to the others, Brown is good, especially if it's happening a couple days before the pg test. If a/f was coming, I think it would be a deeper red. Just think positive w/ your hubby. Positive thinking will equal positive results. Don't beat yourself up over it. Keep me posted. I'm here to listen, cry or jump and down with you, don't ever feel like your blubbing on. It feels better to talk about how your feeling on the inside.



deedle1006 - June 15


Just another positive note....when I was pregnant with my son 4 days before the RE told me to take a hpt I had some spotting. I would take my cue from your positive until you have a test to tell you to be upset. It is hard sometimes, but as an expert in going throught the 2ww with my first child and now trying for #2. Positive energy is contagious.

Good thoughts and prayer to you!




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