Cramps 6 days after transfer
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kbat24 - October 1

I am new on this board and I am seeking to find some answers. My husband and I just completed our first cycle of IVF and are now in the 2 ww period. My transfer was on 9/26 and it has been 6 days already. But I do not know if I am feeling normal symptoms or not. I have sore breasts and mild cramping. I don't know if its my period coming and this cycle was unsuccessful? or is this something normal? Could it also be the possibility that its the projesterone oil shots? I feel like I have a million questions!!!! Also, does anyone know what the doctor's visit before the scheduled pregnancy test is for? I have an appointment tom. for an ultrasound and bloodwork but its not supp. to the initial preg. test? Oh well, I just hope someone out there can possibly answer some of my questions :) Thank you!!! kate


liz - October 2

Kate -

The progesterone can cause side effects. The side effect I most noticed was full, sore breasts. However, sore breasts is also a sign of pregnany. When I got my bfp I was on progesterone supp. and of course had the sore breasts, I have no idea how much was related to progesterone and how much was preg related. It is very hard to tell. I do know that when they tested my progesterone was at 55 and my breasts were killing me, 2 days later they tested again and it dropped down to 40 something. I could tell the difference in the soreness. They were still sore but not as full. This soreness I think was pregnancy.
As for cramping. I had af like cramps for the first 5 weeks on and off of my pregnancy. I would swear at times that af was about to show. I also had larger then normal leutal phase cysts on my ovaries and my ovaries were very swollen. My re figured that was also causing some of my cramping.
As for your appointment, I can't answer that one. Did you try asking your re?
Best of luck to you


kbat24 - October 2

I went to the doctor's today and I did ask about the cramps. They said it could be from my ovaries and everything that they have been through in the past month. My ultrasound looked good to my re and levels were also good and I do not have to do a HSG shot tonight? Is this a good sign??? I still have to do 1cc of progesterone every niight till my 2ww wait is up.
So with sore breasts, does it come and go? Sometimes my breasts are sore and sometimes they are not. I am also experiencing wicked headaches.
I really appreciate the feedback, Liz :)


liz - October 2


That is very good news that your levels look good. Yes, it is a good thing that you do not have to the hsg shot. My re calls that a booster shot. When you have to do the hsg in the leutal phase that usually means that your estrodiol has dropped below their acceptable level. My re's level is 100. If you are not doing a shot that means your levels are doing just fine on their own. Here is an example for you. The first month I was doing injections my estrodiol dropped down to 103 at 4 dpo. It had been around 300 somthing at the time of my hsg trigger for ovulation. Anyway they were worried that I was going to keep going down so they had me do the booster shot. It kinda "wakes up" your ovaries and gets them workign again. Does that make sense?

As for the sore breasts. I guess mine came and went but it was pretty much there all the time. I know that the higher your progesterone is the more sore and full those little guys will be. When my progesterone was 55 I felt like Dolly Parton. Even my husbad would say holy cow they are huge! When the progesterone went down a bit they got a little less full. Is this the first time you are progesterone? I was just wondering if you had anything to compare it to. I never got headaches with the progesterone, just the sore breasts and I often got leg cramps. I have never heard of anyone complaining about the leg cramps but me, I guess I am strange. lol

Let me know if you have any other questions, or need someone to chat with. I am wishing you luck on the 2ww. We have all been there!



kbat24 - October 2

Hi Liz,
Yes this is my fist time taking progesterone. I guess it is a constent soreness, I must get used to it from time to time. They are def. much fuller, my bras barely fit anymore! Thanks also for reassuring me about today's drs visit and answering my questions :D Well 9 more days :-\
Thank again & best of luck to you!!!!


kbat24 - October 2

One more question, about a week after transfer did you feel dizzy at all???? Along with these headaches I feel dizziness also.


Fortyfourfive - October 2

Hi there - Just to chime in. I had dizziness and cramping almost from the start. I started headaches 3 days ago and have had a positive pg test. I sure hope your are pregnant. Baby dust.


kbat24 - October 3

Thank you for your reply! Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck :)


liz - October 3

Good morning Kate -

I did not have ivf so unfortunatly I can not answer your question about dizziness. I achieved my positive by using Repronex injections.

I found that keeping those breasts locked tight in a bra all the time helps relieve some of the uncomfortable feelings. I wear a sportsbra to bed, it was rough to get used to but now it is just second nature for me.

I am crossing my fingers all of your symptoms are preg related. :) Keep me posted



florida75 - October 4

i had a blast transfer on 9/26 as well. I am on progesterone shots and suppositories. I have had tons of cramping since the transfer as well as sore boobs. I have my b/w on friday to find out the results. I want to take a HPT but am trying to hold out.


hopefulinla - October 5

Kate-I had a blast transfer on 9/30 and feel like I am going out of my mind. I am experiencing slight breast tenderness and mild cramping, that seems to come and go. I also have noticed slight headaches a little more fatigue. This is our first attempt with IVF. I am on suppositories and patches, so I am not sure if it's my body coming off all the medication I have been on. I have thought about taking a HPT too, but haven't due to a fear of a neg result. My period would normally start on Sat, so I am holding out a couple of days to see if it comes. I am praying it stays away this time. Good luck and keep me posted,



kbat24 - October 5

Good luck to the both of you!!!! Florida75 tom. is your preg. test? How come so soon? I have to wait until Tuesday :( I am praying for you!!!!

Anyways, I am going out of my mind!!! I caved and did an HPT. The first time I did it it came out positive and that was yesterday. Today it the positive came back real faint??? I know I shouldn't be doing that, but I can't help myself. Does anyone know why we IVF er's aren't supp. to take HPT's???


florida75 - October 5

that is great news! a faint + is great!
I talked to my nurse today and the reason they say not to take it is b/c of all the meds in our system. She did however say if you cave and take one and it shows a + most likely you are pregnany. If you get a negative it doesnt mean that it is over just that it may have been to early to detect HCG in the urine.
I didnt think my b/w was early. I had a blast transfer and they made me wait 10 more days after that for my b/w. I am so nervous! I am going at 730 am and they will call me between 1-3p.


hopefulinla - October 5

this waiting is the worst part about this whole process.... I do have a question. I have noticed myself being a little bloated, could this be from the egg retreival still, or early signs of pregnancy. I just had transfer 9/30.



kbat24 - October 5

I don't know about the bloating. It may be from all the meds. I don't know about you but I gained about 15lbs from all the meds!!!! So I feel bloated all the time. I know I can't suck in my stomach in anymore or couldn't now for like 2 weeks. Have you been experiencing any other symptoms??? I know I have had cramps since the transfer and that was on 9/26.


kbat24 - October 5

I sure do hope you are pregnant!!!! I will be thinking of you all night!!!


hopefulinla - October 5

Congrats on the ++ HPT. It sounds like you may be on your way.
Since all this medication I have been on, it is hard to determine what is causing some of the changes. Am I more fatigued b/c I am pregnant or mental draining myself? I definitely can't hold my stomach in...(plus I have been over precautious not to disturb that region of my body). My breast are tender and nipples really sensitive. I have had mild cramps here and there too. I have been calling my dr office almost every other day and now they expect to hear from me, since I am going crazy about this. They assure me that all these symptoms are normal for either outcome. The cramps could be the folicles/ovaries returning to normal size or it could be implantation. They are reinforcing positive thinking and hopes for a positive result.

By the way, did you do accupuncture the day of your transfer?




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