2 Week Wait started 7/28/07
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wishing4amiracle - July 30


Where to start. I have had 3 IUI which have been unsuccessful. I have been on 150 mg clomid and 1500 mediformic. My husband has had a low count since we started the process with the Dr. We decided to go with donor sperm this month and decided to do to IuI's. I have had a little cramping and weird feelings. We did 2 IuI this cycle. First one on 7/27/07 and second on 7/28/07. I am scared, nervous and excited all in the same breath. I have wanted this for so long that I am scared of failure. The 2 ww is dreadful and I have until 8/11/07 for it to be over. I also had a hcg shot as well. When I went for the mid cycle scan 7/26/07 I had 3 mature follicles. So please say a little prayer for me.


JasJulesMom - July 30

I also have PCOS and tried clomid along with metformin. Un fortunately for me the clomid did not work and I switched to gonal-f. Also now in 2ww. My test will be 8/10. I wish us all luck and happiness. It definitely works on your nr=erves during the 2ww. I wake up everyday saying to my self...1 day closer. Even though the cloder I get the more nervous I get about a BFN!!! Anyway , hopefully we will get BFP. Baby dust to you!!!


wishing4amiracle - July 31

Thanks and I am wishing the best for you as well.. Lots of baby dust. I am new at this what does BFP stand for?
So do you just take a standard pg test at home or do you go to the dr for blood work? Yah the 2 weeks is hell because you want it so bad and it seems like you are so far from it working.


JENNY22074 - August 1

Ladies let me be one of the firsts to welcome you to the 2ww support group. I am still on here even though I received a BFP (big fat positive) on the 26th. How are the two of you feeling? YOu may want to check out the forum for 2ww symptoms. That seems to be more of a continuous forum that may help you to get through this time of you lives. There are a few of us still on there that have in a sense graduated to the pregnancy after infertlilty it is just I think we are kind of waiting to see our ultrasounds before we continue over there. There is lots of support in that forum. Talk to you all later. Wishing you a positive outcome and a BFP after your roller coaster 2ww. Best wishes and baby dust to us all. By the way, your RE should have scheduled a blood test for you to see what the results are. But don't be afraid to cheat (we all have). Also if it by any chance comes up a BFN don't worry or get upset. When I POAS several days before my blood test it came up BFN but, then when I had my bloodtest it was already an HCG level of 336 which I was told was a great starting number. Okay now I will end. Take care


wishing4amiracle - August 2

I have never had a beta test. They have always told me to take a hpt and if it was negative then we would start the next cycle. I am concerned that they have not asked me to come in for that. Congrats on your BFP that great. I hope that I have good news come 8/11/07. I have had sparadic cramps not sleeping with and temps high at night and low in the morning. I have never had these feelings with any of the other IUI that we have done. I am scared of bad news. Thanks for listening.


JasJulesMom - August 2

Jenny congrats on your BFP!!!

Wishing4amiracle-I also had a beta test after my 1st cycle of clomid. BFP!! But had m/c at 7 weeks. My RE scheduled me for a beta this cycle 8/13. I will use HPT prior to that. Last time the hpt came up BFN when I took it too early but took it at day 14 and came BFP. So even if your RE does not ask you to come in for a beta right away, they definitely will if HPT comes up BFP.


JENNY22074 - August 2

I have always had a beta test. They told me at the RE's office that it is the only 100% test because with medication (especially injectables) you can get false negatives. Maybe that is just the protocol for my RE's office. I am not sure. It may not hurt to check into it with your RE. Talk to you later.


JasJulesMom - August 8

Wishing4amiracle how are you doing???


JENNY22074 - August 10

wishingforamiracle - Just one more day. YOu are in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck tomorrow and babydust to you as well.


JENNY22074 - August 10

By the way dear Nix how are you feeling? Hope all is well. Like to hear from you soon.



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