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wolffie - October 28

Hi Ladies -
I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

I am feeling a lot of anxiety today. I had some minimal spotting Friday night, only for about and hour when I used the washroom. Then nothing until this afternoon. I woke up from a nap and used the washroom. There was some pink discharge in my undies. Very very light pink, nothing like menstral blood but I did have some mild cramping today. Today was worse than Friday. I paged the doc on call but am waiting to hear back. I am scheduled to go in tomorrow morning for another blood test but don't have an u/s until friday.

Today I am 5 weeks and 2 days preggo and my first two betas were great!

I know many of you had spotting very early in your pregnancy, any words of wisdom?



lisa13 - October 28

Hey Daneilla
i had the same thing happen to me last weekend. friday night spotting paged doctor on saturday; cramping and more spotting on monday. I am just fine.
my us was great and my levels are great. i was freaking out. It sounds totally normal to me.

i know it is hard by try to relax. i on the other hand feel like i have 0 energy.
spotting is normal.


wolffie - October 28

Thanks Lisa!

The doc called back and said that it "doesn't sound like anything sinister, however any spotting is cause for concern". He said to go in for my appointment tomorrow for blood and see what the levels are. He suggests trying to move up the u/s but we had to schedule it for fri because of my hubbys work schedule.

The spotting has stopped now. Both times it didn't last for more than an hour. I know I should try to not be worried but I think that will be impossible until I get the blood results tomorrow. I'm sure you understand!

Thanks for the reassurance! Has your spotting stopped? Do you have a second u/s scheduled?

I also have 0 energy...hence the napping! On the bright side I have been able to get out of all weekend chores!!!!!



lisa13 - October 29

I feel tired and nautious; horrible cold and headache. u/s on thursday. spotting has stopped. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. i am sure your doing great
good luck tommorrow.


lisa13 - October 30

how was your appointment daniella


wolffie - October 30

Thanks for asking Lisa -

It went well and not so well.

To start off with last night my bleeding became pretty heavy. Went I went in for blood they decided to also do an u/s. It turns out that both embryos we transferred had implanted. However, we lost one of them. The doc said there was a second "blob" on the screen which had been the other sac and embryo but that we were miscarrying it. However, the other sac looks good.

It's bitter sweet. I am so happy that the one is looking good but it's very sad to know we lost the other. It makes me nervous about the one we still have. I know I will be neurotic for the remainder of the pregnancy!

How are you doing?



doglover - October 30


I am very sorry about your loss-I am glad the other baby is still hanging on. It is such a stressful experience.

I am back after thinking I was at a complete loss. I still don't know whether I should be hopeful-it has been such a hard week. My initial beta was 172 (10 days after a 3 day transfer). My numbers only increased to 205 in 3 days. At that point, we were told there was not much hope. We rechecked the value 2 days later, and it was 296. So then they were worried about an ectopic pregnancy. After 2 days, the beta jumped to 603. And now 2 days later, it is 2493. They saw one sac that was an appropriate size today on ultrasound. So I guess it looks okay, but everyone is worried about the shaky start. They think I may have lost one of the two embyros, or it may just be a bad pregnancy.

Of course I am going out of town this week so I do not check another ultrasound until Monday. I think it will be a long week...

I hope everyone is hanging in there!


wolffie - October 30

Hey Lindsay -

I'm glad to see you're back and I hope everything continues to go well for you! How many weeks are you now? My second u/s is scheduled for friday. I hope they are able to see more than just a sac.

Did your doc tell you what your progesterone level is? It seems like yur numbers look pretty good. My HCG today was pretty high still indicating a twin pregnancy. I asked if there is any possibility that they could be missing seeing the other sac. The doc and nurse both said that they don't feel that is a possibility.

After all we go through to get here go figure we can't have an uneventful pregnancy!



mjforney - October 30

Lindsay...that is good news, your numbers look great to me! I am glad to see you back on here, I was worried about you!

Stay in touch!



lisa13 - October 30

Hey Linds;
that alll sounds promising; try to keep upbeat. i know it is hard.

I am so sorry. g-d has a plan; she only wants healthy babies; keep your chin up.

Both you are going through some hard times. I feel like all of us are in a day to day situation; that is why we have each other.

i have my ultra sound on Thursday. for my 61/2 week up date.
thinking about you guys. try to put your feet up and relax.


JENNY22074 - October 30

Lindsay - congratulations. SOunds like things are looking up. We believe that the same thing happened with our pregnancy. We transferred 2 and only one took but at the 1st u/s they saw a questionable area that was possibly the other sac/embryo that did not continue. My numbers started high to indicate a twin pregnancy but the 2nd u/s confirmed only 1 viable sac with a heartbeat. So yeah it is bittersweet but it does sound like very good odds in favor of this little miracle.

Wolfie - I understand how hard it is to mourn the loss and yet at the same time be thankful and happy for the one that is still growing. Everything happens for a reason and we still do have a miracle in there growing. You should do just fine with this little miracle. He/she is already a fighter!!!!! May God Bless you and keep this little one safe.

Lisa - how are you? Did you do that myspace yet?

By the way everyone my next u/s is Thursday as well. Hopefully we will be able to find out what the baby is!!!! I am very anxious to see the little one again. I certainly never tire of it. I wish I could have my own personal machine to see the baby anytime that I wanted to. LOL!!!! I have been feeling it move more frequently the last few days. All I can say is AMAZING feeling!!! I can't wait until you all are at that point as well. Okay I will talk to you all later. Take care and rub those baby bellies for me!!!!! Hugs and Kisses to momma and baby(s).


lisa13 - October 30

hey jen,
doing well i also have us on thursday for htbt 6 almost 7 weeks
i dont' think i have time with the my space thing.


JENNY22074 - October 30

LOL!!!! There is always time for the myspace!!! How are you feeling? Hope all is well.


lisa13 - October 30

i just woke up. Everymorning....yuk


wolffie - October 30

Jenny - How exciting to find out the gender! My hubby and I are debating if we should find out. He wants to I was to be surprised. We'll see who wins!

Michelle - how have you been feeling? Have you had your second u/s yet?

Lindsay - when are you leaving town and where are you going?

Lisa - thanks for the positive words. I hope you are doing well!



mjforney - October 31

Hi Daniella:

I had my second ultrasound yesterday and I had another today! I met with my OB today. We went ovr all the detials.... I am officially 7 weeks. :)
She told me that she will,no matter what, be taking me off work at 24 weeks as she does with all her patients with Twins or more. IKES... I will go nuts if I can not work. But oh well....

She was so great and enthusiastic. She said that she loves doing multiple pregnancy's. Thats reassuring. I go back again in 2 weeks! Love these pics that I get to take home of my little tadpoles! HA!

How is everyone else doing?



lisa13 - October 31

Hey Michelle;
I am glad your us went well. mine is thursday. going to sleep. exhausted. full time work suck ha.



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