So hungary all of the time
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shaz - May 10

Hi all,

Well six weeks into this pregnancy and I am starving all of the time. I was never this hungary with my first pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. At this rate I am going to end up the side of a house.....

I am not exagerating when I say that I eat most of the day. I'm not eating bad things, quite healthy, but I am needing lots of carb based things....I am normally one of those people who dosent have a very big appetite. My 5 yo usually eats more than me (seriously)....

Is anyone else this hungary this early?



ElizabethS - May 10

Hi Shaz - Yes, if I do not eat every two hours, I feel terribly ill. It is amazing. Last night, I got home from work at five - had a personal pizza and then a steak dinner one hour later. It is insane. I can not get enough carbs. I crave pasta and bagels all day long. I have a feeling I will be a blimp by the time this is all done. I have only gained 2 lbs, but my belly is huge. My dh calls me "bellylicious" :D


HeatherMac - May 10


Yeah, I was STARVING all the time. And, it was terrible, because I need to eat RIGHT AWAY! If I was hungry and didn't eat when I first felt hunger was an all consuming search for hot food now!

The funniest thing is the AMOUNT of food I eat - we went out to dinner with some friends and I ate an ENORMOUS burrito and some rice and beans and I suggested ice cream after dinner, so we got in the car and my husband asked me if I were okay because he had NEVER seen me eat so much food! And, in the first two months I hadn't gained any weight!

I, too, crave a lot of carbs...mostly pasta...the carbs keep your energy sustained. Oh, and I crave lots of salad and citrus fruits. So, I keep lots on hand ready to go. I'm 12.5 weeks now, so my hunger isn't nearly as consuming, but I still get REALLY hungry around lunch!!

How are you surviving the heat?? Ugh. We've had a couple of days over 80 here and I thought I was going to pass out!! Being down under, I figure you've got ideas on how to survive the intense heat with pregnancy...though, we're just getting into summer, you're just going into winter so you get a break!!

Have a great day and keep us posted!!



paige - May 10

I hear you all talk about how hungry you are. I am only around 2 weeks and a few days ago I got the same way. If I don't eat every two hours I don't feel well. I am also eating everything that I would not normally eat. Did any of you exprience this or any other side effects this early on in your prenancy?


DB_33 - May 11

Wow....i thought i was the only one!! One of my first pregnancy symptoms was hunger...I mean being starving and having to eat NOW !!! Every 2-3 hours my stomach grumbles out loud and i have to particular cravings just food...mainly savoury. My beta was 1257 at 15 days post IUI so i wonder if i am eating for 2....or 3.....0r 4 ! ( yes i am terrified)


ElizabethS - May 11

WOW - DB-33, those are amazing beta numbers. When do you have your u/s?



BabyBound - May 11

I'm like hunger hits all of a sudden and I have to eat NOW :o. I start to feel nausea and as soon as I feel the tummy up, I'm back to normal.

Tomorrow is a big day for us (Elizabeth & Shaz). My appt is not until 1:15. I had it for the morning, but DH wanted to do it in the afternoon so we can take the rest of the day off.


DB_33 - May 11

Starting feeling a little sick today (5 weeks 5 days)......still hungry between times tho lol

Yep my beta was HUGE !!!! I am terrified if more than one baby...scan isnt til 18th so not sleeping currently...just worrying a lot. The only women i have found with level like mine had TRIPLETS !!!!

Any of you had high beta's ?


paige - May 11

Wow I am so curious to see how many you have? My beta was 216 I feel pretty low compared to you. Good luck. And everyone else good luck with your us on Thursday.


shaz - May 11

Hi DB_33,

Welcome.....Your numbers are great...Please let us know after your scan next week how you went..



ElizabethS - May 11

13 days after my transfer (3 embryos) my beta numbers were at 1000. My doctor told me that we had very good chances at having multiples.

I will find out tomorrow....I feel guilty everytime I get nervous about having three ,because I feel so blessed and fortunate to be pregnant. But wow - that is going to be a TON of work.


shaz - May 11


Sorry I didnt see your post before I replied with my last post....

Unfortunately here in Oz it's not warm at the moment. We are half way through Autumn (I think you guys call it Fall) and it's not that cold yet but too cold for me. I am a summer person and despise winter...Although I dont like the heat when I am pregnant. I was heavily pregnant with my daughter during summer and the only way I could cope was by constantly having my feet in cold water, having cold face washers all over me, with the fan blowing on me.......Make sure you drink heaps of water on hot days, it's so easy to become dehydrated.

Have you had your twelve week scan yet?



paige - May 11

Hi Shaz I sent you a message how did your us go?


shaz - May 11

Hi Paige,

U/S is this afternoon at 4pm. It's now only 6am in Oz so I have a while to wait. Im just going to have to make myself busy all day!!!!



paige - May 11

I forget about the big time difference. Does the anticipation feel like it does when your waiting for preg results. They had me wait 8 hours. I almost paaed out waiting. Well I am excited to hear about your results :)


Meg - May 11


I read your post and just wanted to let you know that when I was p/g w/ triplets my initial beta was around the 1500 range. (that was 14 days post 3 day transfer)
Unfortunately I lost the triplet at 11 wks. gestation, so it than became a twin p/g. Twins are wonderful and so much fun, but we would have been equally grateful for a singleton as well as triplets :) We now look at as God took one of our babies to give the other two a fighting chance as I delivered at exactly 32 wks. They will be 17 months tomorrow :) Hard to believe how quickly time goes by !!! Enjoy every blessed moment ;)

Good luck to all of the p/g women on this board :)

Take Care,


HeatherMac - May 12


No, I haven't had a 12 week scan...I'm not going back to the OB until week 14 so I have no idea what they'll do then. I don't have another ultrasound until week 20 - and I can barely stand it!! I want one now!!

Sorry you're headed into winter, but I'm sure it will be far more tolerable than bring pregnant during the long, hot summer!! I will be camped out in my Mom's pool all summer long!!

Glad to hear about all the great numbers - I can't wait to see what some of these high numbers mean - how many multiples will we be having here?? So exciting!!

Love and continued good wishes to all of you!!




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