Sick and Miserable
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wolffie - February 16

I have been sick all week! It started out as a horrible sore throat...the worst i've ever had. I went in on Wed. for a strep test but don't have the results yet. I probably don't have it though since I don't have a fever. I also have terrible headaches and now I am all stuffed up...worse than ever! I was told all i can take is Tylenol and suck on hard candy...and lots of fluids (I have also been using the strips that go across the bridge of your nose - but they haven't been working). Nothing is working...any other suggestions?!?!



lisa13 - February 16

Hey Daniella
so sorry your sick. I use the netty pot or any container with a spout. pour warm water with salt in one nostril and out the other nostril and then blow your nose
it really helps. how was your ultra sound


wolffie - February 16

thanks for the tip. i may try it, but i'm not sure i will be able to pour something in my nose.

the u/s went well. I mentioned in another post that it's a boy! Everything else looked great! I can't believe we are all having boys!!!!


Marina - February 16

How funny,Iam sick with the same symptoms since Monday-and it's worst cold I ever had(I haven't been sick for 5 years,so I forgot how to deal with it!Now when PG,what can we take?)
Anyway,from the list of meds we can take,Cepacol spray for sore throat(which didn't help).Honey mixed with lemon juice(1 tsp every 2 hours),gargles with warm salt water + backing soda and 2-3 drops of iodine evry 2 hours.
And I had to use nasal spray-I can't stand the feeling when you can't breathe through your nose...
Wolfie,you are over 21 weeks,so you can use sprays..
When I was PG with my son,I had the same thing at 5 months and when the cold was gone I had stuffed nose for the rest of my PG-I didn't know than that it had nothing to do with cold-it was one of the side effects of PG-progesteron swelling of nasal ducts(the same reason why we have heartburn-progest. relaxes suffices(spell?) musles,so I was using spray for the rest of my PG-and my son turned out perfectly fine.


wolffie - February 16

I ended up going into an immediate care center last night. I woke up around midnight with gross crusty eyes. I knew it was pink eye and figured I probably should just be checked out. I usually let things run their course and never go to the doctor but i figured it can't hurt and i guess i should be more cautious during pregnancy. Of course they didn't tell me anything I didn't already eye and sinus infection. The doc gave me a script for antibiotics but suggested I wait a couple days before starting them to see if it resolves itself. I guess i'll be taking lots of hot showers!

marina - did you go to the doc?


doglover - February 16

Hi Daniella
I was sick this past week too. I was extremely tired and had a terrible sore throat that thankfully only lasted 24 hours. Thereafter, I have just had a nasty stuffed nose....couldn't sleep at nite. I am finally starting to clear up-I slept well for once!
My prego friend is sick too and she used vicks (i think she may have used the vaporizer)...she said it helped a lot. I didn't take anything, but I did feel pretty crappy.
Hope you are feeling better-Linzie


bdantonio - February 16

You can also take sudafed when pregnate.



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