Pst BFP symptoms -- too early to have any?
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Frisbee Girl - July 27

Hey, anyone who is going or has gone through this. There's a scary window of "what the heck is going on?!" between getting a BFP and good starting HcG levels and the first ultrasound. I'm that state, HcG levels were good and doubled in 48 hours, so re has left me to my own for 3 more weeks until first ultrasound. It's killing me! For the entire 2ww I had very mild cramping which reassured me "something's going on." But now that it's been 5 days after 2ww is over, I've got nothing going on. Bbs aren't any sorer, and they might be not so sore! But my progesterone shots remain constant. Strange! And zero cramping. Nothing. I have zero signs that I'm pregnant, as far as I'm concerned. Is this normal?


jamielee - July 28

Hi and Congratulations!!! Its totally normal, I had no symptoms whatsoever until about 7 or 8 weeks! I was searching for any sign to reassure me, it was kinda scary waiting for that first u/s and I had spotting/bleeding to go along with it! As your hcg rises you should start to have symptoms or maybe not! My hcg was 15,000 in between that wait and I still had no symptoms! Also my breasts were sore during the 2ww then right after my BFP they were never sore again. Same with the cramping really none for about a few weeks later. So try not to worry I know its hard, I think that 3ww until the u/s is almost harder than the 2ww!!


Frisbee Girl - July 28

Oh, Jamielee! You're a godsend! Not only for replying to my post, but I read your entire saga of your 2ww and your subsequent BFP and then your traumatizing bleeding... WOW! You've gone through so much, and you still remain in this forum, giving good news and hope to the rest of us! Secretely, I was hoping to hear from you more than anyone because I remember reading you were dying for symptoms, too... but I couldn't remember which post it was I had read that.

Okay, I need to stay with it and not freak out. I was so tickled to find out you were having twins; we are in a similar boat: put 2 perfect blasts back on day 5, hoping for twins. My first HcG at day 12 past transfer was 409, then 2 days later 817. I guess if it were twins it would have skyrocketed way past 817. So, we're thinking it's not, but man, we'd certainly take a healthy singleton any day! This is our 3rd IVF, two chemicals before this.

Thanks for replying, and I love hearing about how you're progressing!


jamielee - July 29

I hope this is it for you! Your numbers sound great! Were they rising that well with your chem pregnancies? Mine were similar although I did a 3dt not 5, mine were 227 at 11dpt and then 769 so it may still be twins!

I am glad to share my experiences with everyone because I have been there and I know how difficult it is!! I still read the 2ww posts I feel everyones emotions and my heart breaks for those BFN!! Let me say that in our situation the worry never ends! I think I worry everyday! Even though things are moving along smoothly.
Let me know how it goes!!


JENNY22074 - July 29

Hello Frisbee Girl. I just wanted to stop by and say hello since I have graduated from the 2ww with a BFP as well. My RE says that symptoms will come and go. I know that it is frustrating but we were strong enough women to get to this point and we just can't read to much into the whether we have or not have symptoms on certain days. Also with the BBS and being sore. My RE says that with each pregnany whether or not they go to succession that the BBS sometimes tend to be less sore.

I am only telling you this because I actually have to hear it for myself. I think you and I will rest easier when we see that ultrasound with that tiny little heartbeat. I know that will earase my fears to a point. Then again, like the post before, we will always worry and wonder because of the journey we took to get here. Hope this helps.


Frisbee Girl - July 29

Thanks a lot again, Jamielee and congrats to YOU, Jenny! My first ultrasound is Aug 15, and I don't know if that's week 6 or 7. My re says 6, but from everything I read, it's 7. We transferred 5 day blasts on July 11 and had our first HcG blood test on July 23, which is 12 days past 5dt. From everything I read, then, on July 25 I should be considered 4 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks gestational, but my re says I'm only 3 weeks. So now I don't know what I'm supposed to look forward to seeing on Aug 15. Is it a 7-week fetus or a 6-week fetus? Ack! You're right, Jamielee... there's never a shortage of something to worry about.


JENNY22074 - July 30

Just needed to get some advice. I had my first draw on 07-26-2007 and today 07-30-2007 I had my second draw. My level on Thursday was 336 and my level today was 1570. I still have sore BBS to an extent some days, a little bit of a sick feeling this morning and a lot of cramping over the weekend when AF would have been visiting. Now my RE wants me to schedule an ultrasound for next Monday the 6th. Do you think that they are just looking for single v. twin gestation or is it that something may be wrong. Hope to hear from you soon.


bdantonio - August 4

i dont think anything is wrong i actually find it weird how alot of you guys re wait so long for u/s i had my 1st one at week 2 and im 12 weeks and have had one everyweek and not everyother week



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