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fiso - April 4

Hi. I just came back from the doc's office with the news that the baby may have down syndrome. I'm devastated. We can do an amio in a few weeks or wait to do another test when I'm 18 weeks. I know it's not for sure, but the numbers are there. I don't know what to do.
Has any of you been in that situation?
My world is falling apart.


baby4us - April 4

Fiso.. I am so sorry..truly I am.. I don't know what to say.

May I ask what test(s) you did? Did you do the nuchal translucency u/s... that is where they measure the baby's anatomy for any signs... a larger measurement at the back of the head/neck is a POSSIBLE sign of downs.. but must be done with a blood test for more conclusivity.

Have you talked to your doc about a CVS... I have read that you can have answers faster than an amnio.

I have also read so many accounts of these being false positives.. I know you never know.. but there is some possible hope.

Let me know if I can be of any help... I just wish there were more that I could do for you......


justme - April 4

I am so sorry you got this news. This exact thing happened to me with my first pregnancy and I freaked out. I opted not to do the amnio because of the risks (we would not have aborted anyway) and we just chose to do the level 2 sono to check the back of the head/neck to prepare us if they saw anything.

Luckily everything looked ok and my 4 year old daughter is perfect.

I chose not to have that test done this time because of the high numbers of false positives and I didn't want to go through that again. If my son has a problem this time, we will deal with it as it comes. The stress of finding out the test results had to be bad on me and the baby I was carrying the first time. I am very happy with my decision not to do that screening this time.



baby4us - April 5

Very reassuring words Justme.. I hope Fiso can find some reassurance in your experience...

Keep us posted Fiso...


fiso - April 5

Thank you Justme. It helped me to read about your experience with that. I may have panicked yesterday but at the same time, after everything it took to be pg, I
don't want to jeopardize it.
I think we are going to do a genetic u/s. (level 2?). And then we'll see.

I see that you have 6 weeks to go!!!! Are you ready?

Thank you for your good words too baby4us! I feel better today. Will keep you posted!


justme - April 5

I guess I am ready. Life is going to change around here! I hope my daughter adjusts ok and me too!!!! We pretty much have everything ready to go. I just need some diapers!

I can't believe I am about to finally have another baby though. It has been a long road. I really can't wait to see Luke!!!!

I hope you are feeling better today about the test results. Hopefully you will get some good news with the u/s. Do you have that scheduled yet?


HeatherMac - April 7


I'm sorry you've had such a bad couple of days. That really is very frustrating, and I'm sorry you've had to go through this.

It sounds very similar to what a dear friend of mine went through. She had just turned 35 when she found out she was pg, so her doc MADE her get all the blood tests...and they showed all sorts of horrid things. She had a level 2 u/s, but the doc said she couldn't really tell if there was a problem and said to trust the bloodwork, so my friend spent the ENTIRE 9 months miserable and expecting the worst. Her daugher was born last weekend - PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL and COMPLETELY HEALTHY!

I did NOT do ANY of the testing because my OB said I should NOT even entertain the idea. The reason being is that those test will only show you percentages of POSSIBILITIES of problems...those tests will not show you ACTUAL problems. The other problem is age. If you're 35 or older - EVEN BEFORE THEY PROCESS ANY OF YOUR BLOOD - the test is geared to show problems that COULD occur with your baby at your specific age. So, even before you've had any blood processed to see the percentages of problems that could occur with yoru baby, if you're 35+, you're instantly told of all the problems that COULD be wrong with your baby. If there were actually any problems present in your baby, they would show up in your u/ do NOT fret and cause yourself, and your baby, worry until you've had your u/s.

I would suggest you press your OB for a targeted ultrasound. If you can't get the answers you seek from your OB about the u/s, find a perinatologist and have a very indepth u/s. It will take forever, but they measure EVERYTHING and it will tell you - with much certainty - what, if anything, is wrong with your baby.

It is YOUR baby - if your gut tells you that you want more answers, get them. You wouldn't wouldn't blindly trust a car mechanic telling you there MIGHT be a really big problem with your car - you'd get a lot more information before you started to worry...this should be no different. Get all the information you can. If you can't get it from one source, go anywhere you need to go to get the answers you need. That is your baby, it's okay to be fierce mamma tiger even this early!!

My dear, I am SO sorry you've had to go through this. I truly hope that you get the answers you need - and I promise you I will keep you in my prayers. Try to relax and realize that no one has given you anything difinitive - and every time you start to get worried, rub your belly and tell that baby you love him/her.


fiso - April 10

HeatherMac, Just me, baby4us, thank you for your sanity! That's just what I needed, someone who would make sense. Because I was so panicky. My DH was telling me that the doc has to cover himself too, so that's whay they have to tell us that we are among the parents at risk. But I feel better about the testing now. I don't want to panick like I did. Not good for me or the little one!
I'm going on Wednesday for another u/s because I've been bleeding since the beginning of the pregnancy.

It was good to share my fears with all of you.
Hope you are all well.



SMS1129 - April 10


Did they tell you what the nuchal translucency measurement was? My dr told me 3 or below is considered a "normal" measurement and above that is "abnormal". I have heard of people who are 3 or 4 (borderline abnormal) being told that there is a possibility of DS, but it could go either way. Getting the CVS test is a good idea. That can be done around 12 weeks I believe, while the amnio is 18 or 20 weeks.

I did have a measurement of 7 with one of my triplets. I asked what the possibility was that it was false and they told me it was too high in the abnormal range to be false. So, I think it is important to know how far in the abnormal range you are measuring and go from there.

Good luck and keep us posted.



fiso - April 11

Hi Sue. They didn't tell me the measurements, but I'm going to the doc tomorrow and I will ask. Thanks for the info. I'm a little confused, is the CVS the same thign as a geentic u/s (that's what the doc recommended)? All the sudden, I'm unsure of all those terms. Got to do my research!
I didn't realize that you are expecting triplets! Oh my! What is your due date?


baby4us - April 11

Hi Fiso... no problems about the terms.. you have enough to worry about.

If I am correct (and please anyone correct me if I am wrong).. CVS is Chronic Virillus (sp?) sampling... done much the same as an amnio (not exactly sure of the difference btu I thought i hera dthe CVS isn't quite as invasive as an amnio)
"This test involves obtaining cells from the developing placenta instead of from the amniotic fluid. It is done early in pregnancy, between 10 and 12 weeks. An ultrasound picture locates the placenta in the uterus. A tiny piece of tissue is then removed from the placenta. This is done using a thin needle through the abdomen or a slender tube through the cervix. The cells from the placenta are examined for chromosomal defects."

and I believe the Level 2 ultrasound is also known as the anatomy scan (again.. please correct me if I am wrong)... and that is where you go in for a very long ultrasound.. and they measure every part of your baby.. there are "normal" measurements which they are looking for.. so anything outside of that "normal" range might mean something wrong.

When are you scheduled for your Level 2 u/s>???


fiso - April 14

Hi Baby4us. I"m have to schedule the level 2u/s for weeks 18-20. I will have to go to the hospital for that.
Wednesday, my regular doc wasn't in, so I saw another doc and he explained to me the test and everything. It really helped to have somebody else's explaination. I feel that my doc talks too fast sometimes and uses words that I'm not familiar with or I get confused!
Thanks for all your info.

Happy Easter.


baby4us - April 17

Good luck with the u/s.. let us know how it goes!!!!



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