Pregnant with Endo?
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Shelli34 - November 4

Is anyone here pregnant with endo? Sorry for the barge but I would really like to know what treatment worked for you.



HeatherMac - November 5

Shelli -

I have Stage 4 Endo, as well as PCOS...and I am having my baby 11/10. It was a tremendously arduous journey to get here, but by the grace of God, we're here!!

I had many, many rounds of IUI...but I also had some REALLY major surgeries along the way, too.

I would not necessarily respond well to the medication every month because of the endo leisions - Serophene and Repronex - but, I did respond well a couple of times, once worked thankfully!!

I had some surgery to clear up the endo in June of 2003, and by October 2004 it had overtaken so much of my abdomen again that my ovaries were fused to my uterus, which had begun to shift under the weight of the endo and my ovaries pulling on it. I also had a four inch endometrioma growing and overtaking my left ovary that helped to mess with my uterus...not to mention the several huge looked like Mickey Mouse!! We got before and after pix from Doc.

Anyway, I was told several years ago that any pregnancy would be an uphill battle. I wasn't sure how far I was willing to go for it, but I'm glad we never gave up. I was in treatment, surgery or recovery for over two straight years before we got pregnant...but DO NOT think this is what you will face!! I was ignored by doctor after doctor when I told them I had by the time I got a doctor that actually LISTENED to me, it was nearly too late. I was blown off and ignored for so many years that the damage was nearly beyond repair. BUT...I found a doctor that listened and belived me and has helped me.

If there is ANYTHING at all I can do to help you, answer any questions, anything, please let me know. I don't want another woman to suffer as I have, so if I can help you, please let me know.

I'll be checking this site as much as I can, and like I said, I'm willing to do whatever I can to help you or answer questions.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!! Do not give may be hard at times, but no one said it would ever be easy...just come back here and get the support and strength you need...this is a tremendous community for which I am extremely grateful!!

LOADS of baby dust to you!!!



dobby's mum - November 21

I battled with endo for the last 8 years. I have been on anything and everthing and had 2 laps. last year i was on another round of lupron 2nd shot of 3 and found out i was 6 weeks pregnant 2 days later. I had to go one extra hormones to keep the baby and was rough going from mena. to preggers real quick. my son is now 6 months and still no pain yet. cross my fingers. if there is anyone else who has gotten pregnant while on lupron let me know. im curious if you had any side or birth defects. my son has a hole in his heart.



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