mild cramps?
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baby4us - October 29

Can anyone tell me if the very mild cramps I am experiencing (at almost 9 weeks now).. are ok? or should I be worried?

They started about yesterday.... they do come and go.. very mild cramping.. NO spotting.. they don't get worse with activity.. yet conversely they don't nec. go away with rest.

They just seem to be there.. should I be worried?????


HeatherMac - October 29

I had a lot of cramping and discomfort throughout my pregnancy, and while I would call my friends to ask, when I did get concerned - I called my Doc. My OB said that's why he gets answer my questions. So, if you do get really concerned about it, call. Trust me - you'll find out that they would rather deal with the OB questions and visits because they are MUCH easier than anything they deal with.

Besides, as your pregnancy continues, you'll have more and more questions and be a lot more willing to call. I called my OB last Friday night three times between midnight and 4AM...we actually ended up having a nice chat once! When I saw him later in the week, I said I was so sorry to have had to bothered him in the middle of the night...he said he was so used to it now that he can go right back to sleep. He also told me that any doctor who complains about phone calls needs to find another's part of the gig...big questions and small...they take them all!!

So, from my experience, I wouldn't worry about the cramps - remember, your body is EXPANDING to make room for a baby...AND...make an organ to support the life of that, there is a tremendous amount of stuff going on in your abdomen right now...and it's not always going to be comfortable. But all well worth it!!!

Glad to hear you're well after the weekend - take good care of yourself!!



baby4us - October 31

Thanks for your note Heathermac.. the cramps seems to have gone.. they never really got any worse... and you are right.. most likely from changes to my body, etc. as well as added stress from havign father in law for a visit!!!!!!

Take care and I hope all is well with you!!!!


Karen123 - October 31

Baby4us, I had cramps for weeks and weeks. In fact, at 17 1/2 weeks, I still get them occasionally. I don't worry about them any more but in the beginning, I worried all the time. It felt like I was about to get AF at any moment. But, here I am and the babies are fine. I think Heathermac's advice is terrific though, and what an awesome doctor to be so nice about the questions! That's exactly how it should be. Good luck with everything and i hope your worries are kept to a minimum as much as possible. Take care! Karen



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