Is amnio required when using 28 yo donor?
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Olympia - June 21

I'm 43 y.o. woman who had tried to get pregnant with my own eggs and sister's donor all together for 5 times. I'm finally pregnant on my 15 weeks with a 28 y.o. anonymous donor.
Because of my age my doctor has suggested amnio and we're scheduled to do it in two weeks time.
I've been reading diferent articles and discussions about this but it seems that when the donor is that young amnio is actually not necessary.
I've been so stressed and confused about this. Raising a child with a down syndrom is just too much for us.
Please can anyone help?


cassandra - June 21

Olympia, You have control on whether or not to have the test done. Most dr.s suggest it but I said no. After years of tcc'ing I didn't want to risk it. There are slim chances it could actually cause a miscarriage but I'm sure you know this. There was a twin mom on a website I go to who lost one of her twins because of the procedure. U/s are very advanced these days and would show abnormalities. I understand your concern. This is a decision you have to make on your own. Write down the pros and cons on paper, that helps me make a clearer choice. Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!



fiso - June 22

I agree with Cassandra. You decide, not the doc. I decided not to have it, even if I felt that the doc was pushing me. I was too afraid to lose the baby. Having come from so far to this point and losing it, I just couldn't face it. And if it's positive, you are face with the decision of either going on witht he pregnancy or terminating it. It would have taken too much out of me to do that.

I won't hide that once in a while I'm worrried, I just want to have a healthy baby but we both agreed that we have to trust nature (or God).

I did a genetic u/s or Level II u/s and they can tell you a lot of things based on that if that could reassure you.

Let us know what you have decide on doing and have faith.

All the best to you.


HeatherMac - June 23


First of all - CONGRATULATIONS!! You've overcome great obstacles to get here, so celebrate!! Welcome to the site - there is GREAT support here!!

My SIL is 23 wks and her u/s showed something funky so the radiologist suggested an amnio...HOWEVER...her OB said no and suggested the level 2 u/s instead...said it measures EVERYTHING without the risk of the amnio.

Remember, just because it's suggested does NOT mean you have to have it...any test...even if they HIGHLY suggest...YOU are still the one in control and make the ultimate decision.

Before you decide, check all the options...what the risks are...whether or not the outcome would change your decision on whether to continue with the pregnancy...and decide from there. Cassandra and Fiso are right - YOU are the one in control, you are the one making the decision...REGARDLESS of what your doctors, friends, family, on-line buddies, husband....anyone...says.

Whatever decision you make WILL be the RIGHT ONE!!

Best of luck with this decision, and keep us posted!!!





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