Beware of Crazy Cats!!!
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Meg - June 8

I thought I would share a story that happened to me, DH, twins and our dog tonight. We went out for a walk w/ the kids and the dog. On the return home a cat came up to us, and of course we pointed it out to the kids - you know nice kitty,etc, well next thing you know the cat decides to attack our poor little 8 lb. cockapoo dog, while I am holding the leash. I was afraid to bend down and rescue our dog, b/c of being p/g and didn't want to get bit by either animal, mostly the cat. Finally my husband grabbed our dog and had to gently kick the cat to get it away from him and away from the dog and kids, as well as myself. Two kind men stepped in to try and help as well.

Needless to say I was pretty shaken up, as our dog was our first baby for the longest time and still is one of our babies:) She had to be taken to the emergency vet for a cut on her ear that did need a stitch. I also did not escape unscathed from the animal melee. I had few cat scratches and a very small puncture from the cat which both bled. I called the ob, knowing that things w/ cats while p/g can be tricky, and she said that I now have to get toxoplasmosis titers to monitor me for toxoplasmosis. GREAT.... I am pretty sure that I am not at risk for this illness, but it is just one more thing to add to the list that I have to do and add to the bottom of the list for worries !!! The cat is indoor/outdoor and has had all of its shot up to date. I figure it is better to be safe than sorry, but it is still quite a pain in the neck to have to get more tests. I am just thankful that the cat didn't attack the kids or cause the dog or myself more damage. Crazy Black Cat... I do hope that doesn't mean I am going to have bad luck w/ a black cat coming across our path....

Take care and watch those cats :)



shaz - June 8


How scary. I have never been a fan of cats and have always actually been quite afraid of them. They look very sneaky to me and your experience proves it. Your poor dog and the kids must have been a little stressed also. Im sure you will be fine, especially if the cat has had all of its shots. It is better to be extra carefull though.

Take care



Jenny Lee - June 8

:Dcute story, stinks about the extra testing though! much luck to you! Jen


BabyBound - June 9

Meg, it sounds like you were in a scene from the movie Cats and Dogs. I'm glad everyone is o.k. I love cats and was attacked by one. Who knows what goes on in their little minds...


LisainAK - June 9

I was cruising around and read your story - weird that is for sure...but i wanted to ask you about your dog. I was just introduced to cockapoo's while i was on vacation - can you tell me more about him? Good with kids? lap dog? barker? shed? needy? any info you can - i would like to consider one of those.


HeatherMac - June 9

Cats are evil. Evil little minions of the devil.

Okay, I'm just unhappy with my cat today. He DESTROYED a bedspread that was my parent's and then peed on the bed! UGH! So, I am not on the happy side of cat ownership today.

Meg, first of all I'm REALLY sorry you had to go through all of that. I'm sure it was terrifying...and now, with all the added tests, extremely frustrating. Grr. Maybe the cat that bit you is old. Mine is 14 and just got snappy in the past year or so. He doesn't bite people regularly, but he's far more easily provoked than he used to be...little bastard. I kind of can't wait until we have a wailing wee one totally tweaking this cat out of his mind! Kind of a little reparation action.

Moral of the story - cats are little minions of the devil, mixed with a teeny tiny bit of warm, soft love...when they feel like it.

Hope your day gets better!!



Meg - June 10

Just thought I would check in and also LisainAK's question about cockapoos. I did get the toxoplasmosis titer, but obviously did not find out the results. I have to admit I am very nervous, even though I know that the risk is very small of catching the illness.

I am also very curious as to why the cat attacked our dog, when the cat was not provoked whatsoever. The owner said their cat has never done that, so that makes me think what is wrong w/ him/her to freak out like that. The cat owner paid our vet bills, which we were very grateful for, since they added up to $240, and we will still have to pay out of our pocket for a return visit to get stitches and what not out. I had to make a return visit, b/c our dog opened up her stitches and literally got blood all over both couches and blood spatters everywhere from shaking her head. Willow, our dog, is now in doggy depression, b/c she had to wear a cone on her head and has a bandage wrapped completely around her head making it difficult to move and see :( My poor baby dog :( Not to mention we are in a heat wave right now in the northeast (PA). It has been hitting 88 to 95 degrees daily, not good for little Willow.

Lisa, We have had our cockapoo for almost 4 years. We got her after I had my first m/c. I thought she would take my mind off the m/c and ttc. She did do that but unfortunately it didn't really work and we still had to do infertility and still had yet another m/c ;) She became our baby stand in and was the perfect baby size! When we got her she was only 2 lbs, and now is only 8 llbs. That is not the average weight for cockapoos though, they usually are bigger. Willow is a snuggler and sleeps in our bed, doesn't really shed, barks probably more than she should, and is okay w/ the kids, can be needy at times, and she is afraid of other animals. She still can be very tentative around the kids. I attribute that fact to her being the baby for 3 years before they came along. She is better w/ our daughter than w/ our son. He tends to be a rough petter and what not. Willow pretty much stays out of their way, but oddly enough loves to play tug of war w/ them w/ socks, toys, etc. I think she is learning to like them more and more. They drop food to her at every meal, quite an endearing quality that Willow loves. She doesn't get bothered if they take her food or anything and has never tried to harm them intentionally by biting or going after them unprovoked. No matter what we still keep a close eye on all parties when together. I truly could not imagine our life w/o Willow. She truly is part of our family. I joke that I could have given birth to her, b/c she has so much of my personality!!!! She has been such a comfort to me in terrible times. I would definitely get another cockapoo if we were to ever get another dog. Best of luck to you in your decision to get a dog :) AND wishing you lots of Babydust too :)




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