Babybound/Elizabeth-At last it's scan day
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shaz - May 11

Well ladies, it's 5.30am here in Australia and I have been awake since around 4am. Partly because of morning sickness but mostly because I want it to be 4pm so I can have my scan.......I have no idea regarding time differences with America, so I'm not sure if you guys will be awake when I get home, but I am going to jump straight on and let you know the results.

Good luck today girls. I'm so excited to see how many babies we will be having between us.....



ElizabethS - May 11

Good luck Shaz - from what I can tell when you posted, it appears that we are 15 hours behind you. (East Coast Time) You should be posting your results around 1-2 a.m. my time.

I will hop on my computer when I get up to go to the bathroom. (which lately is about 3Xs per night)

Good Luck....Good Luck....Good Luck!

Will Billie be going with you? Is she coping a little bit better with the thought of having siblings?


ElizabethS - May 11

Babybound - I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to read your post :)


shaz - May 11


I too are getting up about 3 times a night to go to the toilet. It will settle down soon, but only to get worse in the last trimester.......

Billie is coping a little better about having another sibling. We were at the hairdresser yesterday and the lady asked her if she had any brothers or sisters and Bill said, "yeah, in my mums belly there are two"....The lady looked at me and then at my stomach. I didnt know what to say.
The thing with Billie is that she is not very maternal. She dosent play with her baby dolls, she is more into Barbie's and Bratz dolls. She loves fashion and drama...She is a very funny girl.

She wont be coming with us today as she has kinder and she dosent want to miss it!!!!! See how maternal she is....LOL.



paige - May 11

Good luck Shaz keep us posted! Can't wait to hear how many you have?


BabyBound - May 12

Good luck, Shaz. I'm going to pop in on one of my bathroom trips too.

Elizabeth, my appt is at 1:15. What time is yours? Good luck to you to.


ElizabethS - May 12

Babybound - My appointment is at 1:00 (eastern time) How are you feeling this morning? I am so excited.

Here's to wonderful u/s today!!


BabyBound - May 12

I'm feeling wonderful. I had a little nausea when I woke up this morning, but when I finally got up I started to feel better.


cassandra - May 12

Girls, I can't wait to read how your scans went! This is quite an exciting time! I am having my last one tomorrow from my ivf office. They are then going to discharge me to an OB.They said tomorrow I will see arms, legs and umbil. cords! I hope my babies are doing well and have grown a lot. Of course I still worry.I think after tomorrow I won't worry AS MUCH. ;D
So far I see Shaz has hers...congratulations Shaz!I pray you will have 2 strong heartbeats next visit. I'll be at work for baby/beths scans, but will look for their posts tomorrow. Good luck girls! cassandra



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