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shansy - March 31

Hi Baby4Us,

I thought I could catch you on this thread as you are expecting! :)

I remember you did Gonal-F with IUI and I wanted to ask you if you remember how many follicles you had that cycle? I just went today and it looks like I have 4 dominant follicles and they are scheduling our IUI for Sunday. The only thing is that 3 of the follicles are on my right side and my right tube is blocked, so we were kind of disappointed by this. Anyways, just wondering if you remember the number b/c we feel like we should've had more follicles.



baby4us - March 31

Hey Shansy... this Sunday.. I'll send as many good vibes and baby dust as I can!!!! Good Luck.

I regret to say.. I don't remember my follicles.. I am sorry.. I think I was so stressed.. that half the time I ddin't hear or retain what was being said (that is what happens when I am under stress)... I DO remember thinking once that I should have had more follicles.. but I just can't remember the amount.. I am so sorry.

BUT... I too have one blocked tube.. but was luckily still ovulating on the left on a fairly regular basis.. so it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time!

All else I can say is .. I don't think they would inseminate you if they didn't think you had enough... .so no worries.. remember you only need one egg and one sperm (alhtough as we all know that can be a challenge!!)

Do something really good for yourself on Saturday.. to relax.. pamper yourself.. and then Sunday after your insemination.. you know how they say to lie there with your hips raised for 20 mins.. well.. my last IUI.. I think I stayed put for an hour!!! I don't know if it helped or not.. but ANYTHING I could do would make me feel better.

I had to drive about an hour and ahalf from my clinic to home.. but as soon as I got home.. I was up in bed again.. with my hips elevated.. just take it reallly easy the rest of the day -- luckily it is a Sunday!

Let me know how it goes.. I am sending all the Baby dust I can muster!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU



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