anyone had a sharp pain in the pelvic region?
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baby4us - January 9

Just wondering if anyone has experienced any sharp pains in the lower abdomen/pelvic region??

From what I have read.. it doesn't sound like round ligament pain (as I do experience that)... but this could just be expansion of the pelvis... ???

Just wondering as yesterday I was out for a cross country ski and the pain started... almost like a pulled muscle in the lower abdomen -- I just wonder maybe I hadn't warmed up properly.. I rested for a few minutes and then started the ski again slowly.. and it eventually went away.. but I woke up this morning and the pain was there again.. went for a walk with the dogs and it seems to have gone away???????


Karen123 - January 9

Baby4us, All the pain I have is at the very top of my uterus which was explained as muscle pulling from the rib cage due to the rapid growth of my uterus and the added fact that my son's head is pushed up in that same spot. No lower pain. I hope that you feel better soon and call your doctor for some peace of mind. Take care and keep us posted! Karen


justme - January 9

Hi, all of the pains I feel are in the lower region. I think it is just muscles pulling and stretching. I mainly feel the sharp pains when I stand up from a sitting position too fast. It doesn't happen all the time, just some of the time.

Good for you for getting out and skiing. I need to go get back into my exercise routine! We are going on a ski trip this weekend (downhill), but I will not be participating! :( I am going to watch my DD take some lessons with her friend.

Take care!


baby4us - January 10

That's what I figure.. it has to be stretching and expanding of my body... the ski was great after everything adjusted.

It is sad not being able to go downhill skiing.. but have fun watching your DD... my DH and I are going to try to get back to downhill next year (well he has already gone a couple of times solo this year already).. I am hoping.. we can take turns going down the hill for a few runs while the other stays inside with the baby.. I hope that works!!! I am really anxious to get back to downhill skiing!


karina - March 3

I have had the same sharp pain in my lower pelvic reagon. I am 6 months pregnant and am also still skiing, I have bad back pain when I ski for too long, but I too find the sharp pelvic pain when i go for a long walk, in the morning it is especially bad, i dont know if it is the uterus expanding, does not feel too good though! Have you had any feed back from a doctor about this?


baby4us - March 3

I never actually discussed with my doctor.. because I am pretty sure it is and was the round ligament pain.. which I am now very familiar with as I experience it almost daily when out exercising.. so just a part of everything stretching into place....

Although Karina.. I never experienced a very hsrap pain.. so not sure if you should discuss with yrou doctor what you are experiencing.. just to be on the safe side.



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