recurrent miscarriage due to APS
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krissy1012 - November 6

my name is Kristi and I have 2 miscarriages due to autoimmune disorder and 1 chemical pregnancies. I am currently on aspirin every day. Trying to conceive again. I lost my first baby in Nov of 04 and then I got pregnant again in June of 2005. Which was the chemical pregnancy Lost it in July 05' and got pregnant in Sep 05 and lost it in November 05. Just wondering if someone has experiences this. I looking for support. I just finished my first cycle on Clomid and very sad right now. I was really hoping I was pregnant this month. It sure has been a long battle. I am scheduled to see my fertility specialist today at 2.00. It is so hard for me to go into there with all the pregnant ladies in there without crying my eyes out. I want a baby so much.


Ange - November 9

Hi Kristi,

I have hypothyroidism and have been trying for 14 years. I just found out this year that my thyroid was low and was put on medication. I had my first chemical pregnancy last cycle. I didn't have a chance to feel excited it was already gone. I am wondering what is it you have and how you found out about it and why aspirin. When do you taken it and how much?

I hated going to the fertility specialist too I don't go anymore I see my GP now instead. He was the one who found my level lows when he did my blood test. I see him ever 6 weeks I am going for an ultra sound on the 20th he felt something he wants to check out.

I am all here if you need to talk I am mostly in the ovulex XII forums.

Babydust to you


krissy1012 - November 14

hi ange,

Well, for starters I will tell you that I have APS.
Or in other words I have Hughes syndrome (sticky blood). I had a tubal reversal in April 04. I got pregnant in Sept 04 and lost it in Nov 04. I had went in for a ultrasound and saw the baby and its heart beat. The next month I went in and there was no heartbeat at all. So my specialist scheduled a D/C. I got pregnant in June 05 and lost it in July(chemical Pregnancy) I got pregnant again in Sep05 and lost it in Nov 05. My last ultrasound with the last baby showed that baby had already passed away. The doctor send the fetus for testing to Oklahoma Medical Center and stated that there were major clotting in the fetus. My fertility specialist has done blood tests to confirm that I have APS. So I have to take aspirin every day to thin my blood out and next pregnancy I will have to take heparin. I am currently taking clomid to help me ovulate on time. I currently have luteal phase defect. Wtih the other pregnancies that I lost I also had to take progesterone shots weekly. So hopefully next time a round I wont have to take them. I also didn’t mention that I have two older children. My daughter Delayne 11 and Devory 9. I am praying I will conceive again???
Baby dust to all!!!



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