Pregnant can it happen so soon???
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babycasey - June 24

This is babycasey. My neighbor was pregnant and just recently had a miscarriage 8 days ago. ( we just discovered this today when we talked-so we where able to hold and comfort eachother cause we both know what we r going thru) She asked me a question that I could not answer for her. If anyone can answer this for her, she would be greatful. She asked if u could get pregnant again if u have intercourse 4 days after your miscarriage. without protection. She said she is still bleeding and cramping on and off. Her fear is that she maybe pregnant again too soon. I told her I was told no sex for at least 2 weeks and to us protection until I have my Aug. 1st appt. Her doctor never told her anything so she didn't think anything of it. I hope someone can answer this question for her cause I haven't a clue. If u can answer this question Kim thanks u. Babycasey


haa - June 2

Hi everyone, im 26 and just recently had a miscarriage, i have the same sort of question.. i am only new to this site but would love some advice. my Dr didn't tell me how long to wait either. I had d/c 3 weeks ago, haven't had my period yet but my doctor didn't tell me that i should be using protection.... i guess i just assumed that i couldn't fall pregant till after my period but i guess i was wrong could i be pregnant already? if i am would i be at a higher risk to miscarry again?

i appreciate any advice.


sasa - June 5

I just had a d and c today and my doc said i should not have sex for 4 weeks.


babycasey - June 15

Hi all. I am going to answer the question that I asked. First let me say that I understand and that I know how hard it is. God bless you all. I lost my first baby on June 13, 2006. My doctor said to wait 3months. This is so your body can heal. BUT remember you also need to heal Emotionally as well!!! This is very important. Yes you can get pregnant soooo soon after a m/c. You can get pregnant sooo soon after giving birth. My doctor said you can ovulate in just a couple of weeks of a m/c or birth. I have proof. I was to wait 3 months but decided to try again in the 3rd month cause i figured if it took 7yrs to get this far(pregnant) than I didn't want to wait. Well I found out I was pregnant in August. What I thought was my period in July was acutually sperm and egg attaching itself to the uterine wall. I had a baby boy on May 4th 2007. Was due at end of April(they had to go in and get him!) so yes you can. Now remember you have to be emotionally ready too!!! Cause yes you are at a higher risk of a m/c again if you become pregnant too soon. They had me at high risk for the first 4 months than since everything seemed to be going well they took off High risk. Miracles happen. Believe. God Bless you all in time it will happen. Oh yeah my neighbor had a baby girl. Baby dust to all. God bless.


JADE0199 - July 4

My response to your question is absolutely [b]NOT[/b]

Her levels of HCG need to drop completely below 5 (pre-pregnancy levels) in order for your/her body to get back on track and prepare to ovulate and begin another cycle. She cannot and will not ovulate until those levels are in the -5 range and its uncertain how long that can take and how long it takes the body to prepare to ovulate again. Since she said she had unprotected intercourse several days after having a m/c, assuming she m/c'd naturally, I am pretty certain that she cannot and will not get pregnant. I still think its too soon for her to ovulate, but it would depend on how long the pregnancy went for would determine how fast and how long it could take for the HCG levels to drop.

However, if she had a D&C, she should wait to have unprotected sex for atleast 2 weeks to prevent infection.

I hope this helps your friend and anyone else who has the same question.



bdantonio - July 8

I knoe from previos experience you can get pregnate right away however i would not advise. Due to your body still coping with the m/c you will be at a higher chance of another m/c.



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