multiple miscarriages
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sandraB - February 20

hi there, I just had yet again my 5th miscarriage. Now all of my m/c all occur at the 5 week stage. It seem it is not able to attatch. In Nov , I had a laparoscopy done and found out I had Endometriosis and palupes, both were removed as well a DNC was performed. I recently missed my peroid and thought this would be the one!after taking 3 pregnancy tests and all coming up negative, a blood test determined a Hcg level of 61. That was very low and it only reached to 81 after 48 hours, needless to say I m/c and my ob did not have any answers for so I am being referred to a specialist in another city. Is there any hope for me because I am an emotional reck and cannot continue living this rollercoaster life? Has anyone else had m/c at 5 weeks always like myself?


smart - February 21

Hello Sandra,
firstly i just want to say how sorry i am for you losses, it is so difficult to cope with. I am in the same boat as you. I have had 7m/c's over the past two years all ending at about 5-6 weeks except one which ended just under 9weeks! I totally can understand how you are feeling, i too am soooo emotional, crying all the time and angry if my mum goes on about my sisters children (not that it's their fault), it's just not fair! My consultant has asked me to try again but take baby asprin which hleps to thin the blood. I hope this works other wise i dont really know wht the answer is. I wondered whether progesterone drugs would help to prepare the womb to help the embryo implant? Do takecare my lovely.


sandraB - February 21

has any one ever heard of the female being allergic to the husbands sperm??? Sounds so easy but why wouldn't a doctor test for that? Is that possible and if so what can be done to reverse that?


lyly14 - February 22

SandraB- I have hear of that but it usually results in the woman being unable to achieve a pregnancy. I haven't heard of having miscarriages because of this. My RE tested for it using his sperm sample and my blood to look for anitbodies against his sperm. I am not sure how they treat that as this was not our issue.


bdantonio - February 22

yes ana lleric reaction can happen but if it does you wont concieve. Also i have lsot 5 children also anywhere from week 4 to week 14. I also have to 2 beautiful daughters so keep your head up.


smart - February 22

I just don't know how much more i can take, am now on asprin and plaquinel which i really thought were going to work and help maintain a pregnancy but no sooner did the test give a positive result then it ended, so all of one day it lasted! I am screaming inside, am so desperate, why wont it work!!! Any advice, how did it work for you in the end bdantoni?
Best wishes


bdantonio - February 26

Iwas on progestrone, baby asprin, folgrad, prenatal vitamin, and lovenox.


mani30 - March 18

I can't say how sorry I am to read all the heartache we all have gone though, I joined this board today . my story is Im 32 , trying since 2004 and have had 8 miscarriaged.I have PCOS., irregular periods . Had multiple or would say extensive testings done as the clining I go to here is kind of pioneer in Miscarriage testing, All negative. Went through IVf in Jan stopped due to Over stimm, retrieved 12 eggs , all fertilized , froze,. My doc thawed them yesterday for PGD all were perfect until i received a call today. Acoor to doc she and all are just surprised as all 12 of them are not growing.I was asked to wait until tomm less things pick up, but I am so so so Low its even hard to explain. Its almost like hitting the rocks or falling in the pit.


smart - March 19

Hi mani, im so sorry for you it is so hard each time we get another blow and extremely stressful!!

Im afraid i dont have any answers for, have you thought about puuting a question on the dr jacobs board, he has given me some good an proactive answers.

I have just had another positive only for it to disappear three days later now just waiting for AF to arrive again and the small amount aof hormones i have to go again!!!

Takecare my lovely


mani30 - March 19

Morning All.My doc called this morning with the news. I had 12 embies frozen that thawed fine but they have not grown beyond the 2 cell stage. She was flabbegasted as she has not seen that before. All 12 of them.... I was asked to book a review in 2 weeks so that she can consult with lab director and some other clinics..


bdantonio - March 19

Mani30: sorry for your loss. However i was in the same boat all 5 of my m/c's they never knew why.


mani30 - March 19

hello smart and bdantonio, I am so sorry for both of your losses. its never ever easy. i guess I should take it as if I had gotten preg and miscarried that would have been horrible. seriously the thought of another one makes me cringe, I hate the sight of blood. anyway. thanks for the advise , I have posted on both dr Jacob and Dr Smith's board.


kohlby - March 28

I'm sorry for your losses. I just had my 5th miscarriage a few days ago. (8.5 weeks along this time). I went through a slew of testing after my 4th miscarriage - even been tested for things I thought were unnecessary. (I have 2 heathy kids in the mix). However, one thing that I was tested for was insulin resistance, which many drs wouldn't have thought of in my case. I'm not overweight, get pg within 4 cycles every time, eat healthy and easily pass glucose tolerance tests. My fasting insulin was way, way too high. So I took the simple act of going on a diabetic diet. I did miscarry again - though the chromosomes are going to be tested. I think it's good to get as many opinions as you can, and even get testing that may not fit your particular case. With each loss, I get more desperate. With each, I'm willing to do more treatments for things that haven't been proven to be problems as just in cases. I feel like I'm grasping at the air most of the time.


bdantonio - March 29

i hav3e been tested for insulin problems due to family history



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