miscarriage-low HCG and progest level
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gloriathambirajah - December 25

Hi everybody, I am 33 years old and got pregnant for the first time 8-9 weeks ago. I took a pregnancy test immediately after my missed period and it was positive. Had an HCG when i was 3.5 weeks pregnant and it was 372. The Dr told me that she felt it was a little low and repeated it 48 hours later and it came 867. Everything was going on fine and i was very excited but i started to notice that the only symptoms i was having were sore breasts and tierdness. No nausea or anything else. When i reached 5 weeks i started to realize that the few pregnancy symptoms i had started to disapper so i called the dr and she said they would take an HCG level just to check i was not having an ectopic preg. The HCG level came at 2580 and the progesterone at 5.8 at 6 weeks and the dr told me i was definately going to have a m/c even though i was not having any m/c symptoms. i had a sonogram done that same day (6 weeks) and it showed a normal looking embryo with positive heartbeat. All of a sudden 5 days after this sonogram i started bleeding lightly and cramping and had another sonogram done which again showed a normal looking embryo with a heartbeat of 137 (6.5 weeks pregnant). When i saw my living little embryo i was devastated because the bleeding and cramping were increasing and deep inside my heart i knew something was terrribly wrong with my pregnancy and anyhow the embryo looked so well and with a very healthy heartbeat.l The following day the bleeding and cramping became severe and another sonogram was done and it showed an empty uterus with not sac and no embryo. This happened a week and a half ago.
5 days ago i saw my ob-gyn and i asked her if i would benefit from progesterone supplementation for a future pregnancy and she said no.
My question is: are such low progesterone levels found at 6 weeks the possible cause of the m/c or does an unhealthy pregnancy intrinsically produce such low progesterone levels?
I am very confused regarding this matter and drs seem to have different opinions regarding the use of progesterone in pregnancy. I like my Dr but i do not know if i should just try to get pregnant again and just "wait and see if it works" because that is the feeling i get from my dr. As you may all understand i obviously dont want to go thru a m/c again. I really want to have a baby.
I also want to ask: does anyone know about a good ob-gyn in New York state area? as i said i do like my dr but i am really new to America and don't have relatives nor many friends here who can guide me regarding this matter.
Thank you and best of luck with your pregnancies.


lili246 - December 26


I am very sorry for your loss. I had the same problem but some lightly different. I was pregnant and was seeing this new doctor I did go to my doctors appointment and when we tried to hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks we couldn't hear it and then after my second appoint. at 10 weeks we couldn't hear it again so I had an ultrasound done and there was no heartbeat, The doctor determine right away that my baby wasn't alive and I had a d&c done and I was very sad about it at the time I think back and think that everything was too fast and I don't think that my baby was dead for sure. I don't know about the doctor I like her but I am not to sure about her everything went to fast and for some reason i think that my baby was still alive and I had the surgery done roght away because thats what the doctor recommmened to do before I started m/c on my won and lose alot of blood.
I know how you feel for sure if you need a friend I am here for you because it happen to me as well and I know how good it feels knowing someone that has gone throught hata s well. My m/c happen in the begining of november thet gave me the bad news right in halloween which mad me so sad but my 2 year old son gave me the strenght and took him trick o treating.
I still can't believe why it happens the doctor told me that it's just something that happens and sometimes there is no answer. I don't know much of the progesterone levels sorry that I can't help you in that neither with the doctor in new york because I live on california.
Are you going to try right away? Did your doctor recommened a specific time to wait after your m/c? I had to wait two normal periods and then start trying again. I already had my period #1 and I am waiting for my second one and then I want to try right away. I hope that I have good luck and get pregnant fast. People say that after a m/c most womens are very fertile. I am so irregular on my periods and when I try to get pregnant it is very hard to get pregnant right away I usually take for about 8 months hope that I have better luck this time.
But like you I worry about having another m/c and the doctor told me that my risk are not too high because I have a healthy 2 year old son. I hope that I have better luck next time.

I will go and find another recommended doctor because I definetly don't want to go with that doctor again. Just because of what happen I still think that there was something strange> :(

Well have a great day and stay positive your lil angel is now playing with my lil angle. God onlu knows why he does this things and I don't understand why it happens but I guess that all has a reason.

If you need to talk to someone I am hear for you. You can always send me an email if you want to.

Take care and I am so sorry I know how bad it feels losing a lil one.

Love Lili


liz - December 26


I am sorry for you loss. There never seems to be just the right words to say to someone who has gone through what you have. Please know that many of us here can relate and truly can understand how you may be feeling.

Unfortunatly most doctors will not preform any kind of testing until after a women has had 3 or possibly 2 misciarriages. After my 3rd they finally told me they would start testing. It is very sad since quite possibly maybe my other m/c could have been prevented if they would have tested sooner. In my situation it was discovered that I have some hormone issues. I do not know the exact reason behind low progesterone and m/c but I do know that my re puts all patients on progesterone supp. after ovulation and up until the end of your first trimester if pregnancy is achieved. I have also read and seen cases of other re's doing the same thing.

There are a couple of things I might request if I were you just to put your mind at ease.
1) Ask your ob to check you progesterone level and estrodial levels on day 21 of your cycle. This will determine that you are indeed ovulating and give them an idea of how high your progesteone is at that time. They want to see it over 10, Estrodiol 100 or above.
2) Ask your ob the benefits of progesterone therapy and why he or she does not think you need them?

Did you ever have your progesterone checked with this pregnancy?

M/c is a very unfortunate heartache that no one should ever have to bare, unfortunatly it is a reality for many of us. As I am sure you know many m/c are due to chromosome abnormalities with the fetus. There are however a great number of micarriages that happen due to hormonal problems such as your progesterone being to low to support a pregnancy.

I wish you the best of luck and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Take care,


UJ - June 15

Hi ,
I have already gone through the same problem in my first IVF try and I was declared pregnant and then the Dr could not find out the fetal heartbeat. My HCG level was low. Now I am into second IVF and embryo has already been planted. I had tiredness symptoms for last two days and now suddenly i am feeling all well and which mean not well .
Did any of you guide does it mean that i will not be get a good result and my hopes have gone



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