Quick poll - Are men or women posting to this board?
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newbeginnings2007 - July 4

I see many posts referring to people's husbands and boyfriends. I'm curious why there are so few postings by men. Based on what I've read, 40% of infertility cases are attributed to men.


amyjoy - July 4

But women are more likely to come looking for support. Having low counts or motility is embarrassing for a man. For a women, they tend to seek out people in thier situation and are not embarrassed about it. I am only speaking from expereince though. I have seen a few men post on here are they are welcome to post any time! Just the same reason more women seek therapy than men...


Freshstart - July 6

I agree. I'm a man, and this site is great, but I don't really share this with my drinking buddies. Thank goodness for the Internet.



Great to hear you speak up/post, Freshstart!
GOOD FOR YOU! Your wife is very lucky.

Please have a beer for me when you go hang with your drinking buddies. Oddily, I craved BEER (not pickles nor ice-cream) during my last two pregancies. It was bizarre.....I don't drink much at all normally. I resisted, of course, and just laughed about it with my girlfriends.... Best of baby dust to you and your wife!


katiebug2007 - November 8

I will also say that doctors don't necessarily promote males do anything about their fertility. My husband has a low sperm count and is willing to do anything, but they have only focused on me and on doing IUI. Makes me mad! I wish I had known that selenium and zinc could have made a difference for my husband. He would have started taking them before we tried to get pregnant!


Nix - November 8

Katiebug2007, I just read your post about selenium and zinc making a difference in sperm count. My husband has a low sperm count too and poor motility, so I am interested in doing whatever I can to increase our chances. Can u tell me what selenium is?? Also, is zinc in supplement for good to take and if so, how much?




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