Hypothyroidism and Low Sperm count. Any Success stories?
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SilvernAngel679 - December 26

My husband and i have ben TTC for 2 years unofficially and for the last year very officially. but have been unsuccessful due to a very low sperm count. we think it's due to hypothyroidism but recent test indicate that the medication he's taking to improve his hormone levels are working on everything BUT his sperm count. it's still really early so nothing is conclusive yet but we've just had so much heartache about it all and it seems like an unfair and cruel joke especially when it's happening to every one around us. We're heartbroken and even though we know there are other options out there for us they seem very distant and only carry more waiting and heartache. And not to mention the fact that we really don't think any of it is affordable to us in the least. I'm so upset about it all and I just need a little comfort right now. So please, if any one can give me any consalation and hope that this might be over soon, please share it with me. All every one tells me anymore is that "It will happen when God's ready" Or "Just trust and have faith in God." Or "pray and everything will be ok." blah blah blah. I'm sick to my stomache hearing it all. No one REALLY understands what we're going through.


Ange - January 5

Hello silvernangel,
I don't have a success story but I know what you are going through and how you feel. I have hypothyroidism and my dh has low sperm count. He has an appointment with the dr to find out what may be causes it on the 23rd. It is an emotional roller coaster for both of us. I also just found out I have a septum in my uterus and they have to remove cause it splits my uterus in two. So obsticles are in our path but we know that one day we will conquer our infertility. Friends and family unless they are going through infertility really don't understand and it is very hard to explain to them I know try to keep that part separate. There are many people on this forum and others that know and understand what you are going through and we are all here for each other. Keep me posted



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