Donor friends?
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nicnocs - October 29

Hi new to this site... looking for new friends to help me through my 3rd Diui......

Really hoping to find others to help me through this. I want to chat to others who under stand what i am going through...

Dh has azoospermia....Using a donor is our only chance of having a family....


admin - October 31



sblanton2 - October 31

My husband also has azoospermia, but a testicular biopsy revealed he was producing healthy mature sperm just has a blockage in his vas defrens. Did they do a biopsy on your dh? I wish you all the best with your journey. Take Care,


meridithhasfaith - October 31

Hi nicnocs,

I am in the same boat as you. My husband has the same problem with no blockage. He just doesn't produce mature sperm. Ever. After 3 rounds of ivf w/ icsi that failed, we have to move to diui if we want to continue this. I would love to hear your experiences so far. In ordering the sperm (through your doctor or on your own) to what meds you used for ovulation, if any. I go back to my doctor tomorrow to see what we do next to start this whole thing. Good luck to you.



melanie - January 2

Hello I just wanted to share my friends story, Her husband has 0 sperm count and they decided to go with donor sperm after 10 years of debating and I sent her to my Fertility doctor and she was tested and everything was fine on her end, so they got online and found their donor and she had her first IUI in Dec without any medication, On Dec 19th she found out she is pregnant, she was shocked it happened on the first try. She wasn't put on anything and they didnt' order through the doctor, they gave her a web site and they picked from there and it was sent to the fertility doctor for the IUI. I just wanted to share this to let others know it does happen on the first try, good luck to all of you


mjforney - October 7

We have the same problem. Look up (google) Dr. Paul Turek at UCSF. He can do a (his own patent procedure) procedure called sperm mapping and pull out sperm for you! He's amazing and one of a kind!!



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