Any success stories?
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GS2allgirls - November 21

Tell me something ladies, as our male factor was a complete shock to us! Anyone have sucess with these issues...

First off let me say his count is awesome @ 221 million
OK, the bad stuff...

Progressive Motility Type A 0% rapid linear
Type B 11% slow or nonlinear
Type C 31% nonprogressive
Type D 58% immobile

Vitality 30% normal is 50% or more

Normal Morphology 0%

Please tell me someone has some advice! We found a clinic for IVF with ICSI but we cannot afford it. we would like to make our babies at home without a room full of people in scrubs. But with these sort of issues, is there any hope at all?


kals - November 21

hi lee,

I did not hav any clolur change till 14th day, icalled my hospital on 14th day,they asked me to come for a bloodwork and ultra sound,so doctor revied the results and told that i ready to ovulate,they did iui on 16,17 th its wait time. I bought the walgreens brand ovulation kit, my nurse asked me to check in the early morning itself. i am in chicago.


kals - November 21

Hi gs2all girls,

Motility and morphology are very important factors.
COnsult a urologist.
The narural way to improve motily & morphology is to eat many almonds,a fig,every day.
it will really help.My sisters husband improved his count from 1 million to 30 million.

He used to soak aalmonds ,cashews and groundnuts in the night and eat them early morning.

and same thing with figs also soak them in water and eat them next day morning.I am giving them to my husband .

Sperm production time takes 3 months so start now and continue.after 3 months chch the status


lee905 - November 24

gs2allgirls- I totally know what you mean about wanting to conceive naturally & not in front of a bunch of drs/nurses! I have struggled w/ this for awhile now, & have finally embraced the idea of ART. Ok maybe it's not "ideal", but if you can still have a child from it I think that's ok. But anyway.. everyone has to come to terms w/ that on their own & no matter what anyone says it can still be hard to deal w/. I am so glad I found these msg boards, so I am able to talk w/ other girls going through the same thing! It is really weird that his count is so high & the other stuff isnt? hmm... have you gone to a urologist? Maybe it could be a vericole vein or something like that? Keep us updated on what you guys find out..

Kals- I'm so excited for you!! Wow they did the IUI twice? Have you had any weird symptoms yet? Any glimpse of success? What was the post wash count? Sorry.. I know I am asking a lot of questions! I just want to know what to expect. I will probably start my opk on Tues.. but they told me just to call when I see my surge & they will schedule an apt for the next day.. no US or anything! I guess if it doesn't work they will try other things. It just makes me nervous.. what if I surge & then go the next day but haven't o'd yet?! I heard that's it's better to do it AFTER you O when male factor is a concern, but who knows. Anyway I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Let me know how you are feeling. :)


kals - November 25

Hi lee& gs2allgirls,

how are you doing ?how did your thankgiving go.I had good symotoms at ,but i have severe nipples pain,which i have regularly before periods,buthis time its worse,once you see colour change they will ask you take hcg shot and next two days iui.
my Dh count on first day Prewash. 59 million postwash 5.6 million,
second day prewash.34 million,postwash 47 million,i dont know how it increased after wash.

I'll let you know whats happening,pls pray for me.

Lee how is it going?


lee905 - November 28

Kals- My Thanksgiving was good... we went over to my inlaws. My mother in law is an excellent cook so it was very enjoyable! I have not had to make thanksgiving dinner yet, I am hoping I can dodge that task for a few more years. ;)
It sounds like it may have worked seeing as you're more sore than normal!! Today will be the first day I do my OPK. I am trying not to go to the bathroom for another hour! I have been so thankful that the holidays are coming up because they are distracting me a little from thinking about what we are trying to accomplish. Do you know if you released more than one egg? Well I am praying that it works for you. :) Any more symptoms?


kals - November 28

Hi lee905,

Great that your inlaw cooks for you on thanksgiving.

Till now i dont have anymore symptoms.ppl say thy have meor back pain thighs pain,white discharge etc...but idont feel anything now and my soreness has also gone it goes down during my i dont think i'll be pregnant this time,my DH is feeling bad,but this is just our first try..we shouldnt get sad.
Any way i have a pregnancy test this friday i have to see...but iam not keeping any hopes. Thanks for praying for me.

I released two big eggs this time..what is OPK i never heard about it..


lee905 - December 2

Hi Kals.. did you take your pregnancy test? How did it go?? I hope you got good news. I was going to tell you that my sister (she is 8 weeks pregnant) didn't really have any abnormal symptoms, just normal pre-period stuff, soo even if you don't feel different it doesn't necessarily mean it didn't work. Even if it didn't work this time tho, I know it will eventually. Altho I hope it did! I am still waiting on my surge. Today was day 13 .. so I probably still have another couple days. OPK stands for ovulation predictor kit.... I have been trying to do the test just like it says.. I stop drinking around 1230 & then don't do the test until 430 or so. It is so hard not to go to the bathroom for that long! Plus I usually drink all day... so I can't do that either! AHHH Anyway... I hope you are doing good. Let me know what the test says. I am sending baby vibes your way. :)


kals - December 4

Hi lee,

Though its very early to say but ,my HCG test came positive,I had a test sheduled on friday dec 1st but due to heavy snow we could not go to doc,today i went and gave blood work...ny HCG scor is 130 where more than 5 is meant to be positive it seems.

Its a good sign wish you will also concieve for the first praying to stand this way 9 mpore months.

I just had all the period symptoms ,but my lower abdomen and back was paining,mild but all the time.

Thanksfor praying me and pls do pray for me.
I am also reminding you in my prayers.

did you have clour change,when is your iui scheduled.


lee905 - December 4

I am so excited for you! I know it's still early & you are probably nervous about things going wrong (my sister is the same way) but the hcg value sounds like it's the real thing!! I will keep you in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy!!

I do not have as great news... I still have not gotten my surge & it's day 16.. I think I already ovulated & it just did not read right on my stick. I am sooo frustrated w/ these stupid sticks!! they never work for me... I never get an equally dark line. It's like it may be darker than the other day but it's all very subtle. nothing screams surge... so I think I missed it & now I wasted another month. I'm sorry I am just so frustrated! I am going to call the dr later this week & tell them we need a new plan. I followed the test instructions.. so I don't know what it could be? Do you find that your surge line is obviously darker than other days? I know it shouldn't be this hard... but it's just not as dark as the other line. Anyway... maybe next month they can put me on clomid or something & do the hsg shot to make sure I ovulate. hey speaking of your HCG value.. could that be high enough for twins!?! AHH that would be so cool!! well let me know what else you find out! I will probably be doing nothing for another month! :'(


kals - December 5

Hi Lee,

I didn't see any color change in my case - so got worried and called the doc on 15th day of my period. They asked me to come to office and did a vaginal ultrasound and blood work. On the same day they called me and asked me to take the HCG Shot and the next two days (16th and 17th) I had my IUI done.

I think the best bet would be to call your doc and update him even for this cycle. Usually the doctor or the nurses will leave it to us and not follow up. They will think that we will call up once the color changes.
Hope you will hear something encouraging from the doc.

Take Care,


kals - December 9

HI lee,

how are you doing, did you go to doctor what did he say?
now iam 5 weeks pregnant,today i am having lil spotting very little,lightpink colour,i went to doctor he said ,every thing looks fine,no bleeding in utreus.
But iam worried how is your sis doing.did she have any kind of spotting.

pls reply me back,pls pray for me



kals - December 11

Hi lee,

I am afraid to say that i am in urge of pregnancy to stand this way, yesterday i gave bllod for my hcg which dropped now ...from 330 to 269...which may be a possible cause of m/c ,tomorrow i have a hcg again ..i should see what happens,my husband almost broke down..i am so sad.

How is it going with you, no reply so far..

take care


GS2allgirls - December 18

hi kals. sorry i have been MIA. we had thanksgiving, which was my busiest week ever. and the week i had AF;-( i decided to take low dose of femara this month just to see if i could @ least get a normal cycle (meaning less than 100 days) out of it. I am on CD21 and 6DPO. DH had another SA done last week and the only improvement was that the sperm are living longer. last time vitality was 30%, now its 37%. which i guess is good but still, it sucks. i think if DH would quit smoking, it would imporve drastically. i really think that is what is keeping things the way they are. anywho. i will let you know what the outcome of this cycle is. count was down too, 155 mil down from 221 mil(i think thats what he was last time). no he hasnt gone to a urologist yet. what exactly can they do for him?
our RE said he could maybe get me pregnant with bravelle & clomid plus IUI. but i cant take a chance on maybe.

with my surrogate pregnancies we did ivf, i got pg on the first try, both times with twins (the first time, one twin was reabsorbed before 8w and i had a healthy baby @42w and the second time, we lost one twin @ 18w and the other twin was born healthy @35w) an if you havent guessed already, all the babies i have had are girls. i seem predisposed to carry little girls, LOL. its a standing joke in my family. although i do wish some of those girls were my little girls;-) i dont regret my surrogacies @ all. i loved being a GS and plan to do a sibling project for my 1yr surro daughter sometime in the future. ivf seems to be our best option unfortunately.

at the moment the direction we are headed is somewhat bizarre. not really though, to anyone in the TTC world. I met a woman who needs an egg donor but didnt want a ton of leftover embryos as she only intends to be pregnant once(neither of us is comfortable with destroying leftover ice babies, hence the desire to share the eggs and reduce the # of embryos we both have). so we agreed to share the eggs and do a simultaneous ivf cycle where we share my stimmed eggs. im not being paid for this, but she and her hubby are covering my ivf costs as a gift. we just cant nail down a clinic. we are trying to be patient and have been searching for about a month. it was her idea actually, that until we find a clinic and set a start month, that DH and i try to conceive naturally. shes great.

anywho, thats where i am. i am very sorry to hear that you are miscarrying. its a horrible thing to go through.


jba - December 20

I'm in my late 40's, and my wife is in her late 30's. We tried naturally for about a year, but no baby. Turns out that the problem was me. I have 2 grown children from a previous relationship, but I guess the intervening 20 years of hard living took a toll. My sperm count is OK but motility is very low. The urologist just shrugged his shoulders and said there wasn't even anything to try (not sure this is true). We decided to do IVF, with me doing everything I could to improve the quality of my sperm (clean living, mainly, plus some herbs). On the first try, the sperm were fine but we failed to harvest any eggs. The Dr. adjusted the hormones for my wife and next time we got several eggs. To make a long story short, now we have a fantastic 2 year old girl. It wasn't easy, but definitely worth all the trouble.
By the way, we'd like another child, so if anybody has advice on improving male fertility, I'd love to hear it.


Pamela1172 - February 12

My husband was diagnosed last year with maturation arrest, meaning that his sperm do not develop normally and do not mature. This means that he has a staggeringly low count and even those that are there are of suspect quality. After trying unsuccessfully for three years to get pregnant we finally knew the reason for our heartache. His urologist strongly recomended that we use donor sperm.

We started seeing a fertility specialist last summer who checked me out thoroughly and reviewed my husbands results. Because I am overweight and have thyroid issues he assumed that I also would have an issue producing eggs. After a number of ultrasounds and monitoring me for a few months it was clear that I was making eggs but he didn't give us great odds. He recommended that we use IVF with ICSI for the best chances. As this was absolutely not covered under our insurance we could not afford this option. So we did as my husbands urologist suggested and used a donor insemination. My doctor did not have great hopes of this being successful, making it clear that we needed to be prepared to do at least 12 cycles before looking for other options. He seemed so sure that my weight would harm our chances. I took a loan from my 401K account to cover the expenses and we were on our way. We had the difficult decision of choosing a donor next. We wanted a biracial donor with similar features as my husband. This was difficult as there were comparatively few men of color donating and hardly any biracial donors. We finally found the perfect donor at Fairfax Cryobank and tried to stockpile vials by purchasing ahead and keeping them stored. No such luck. I was able to obtain only one vial, and the waiting list was full for the next release. I had no idea when or if more vials would come available for our donor. It seemed as if this was our only chance.

November 2006 we had our first donor IUI, after preparing with Clomid. [glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow] My doctor was so excited that he called us at home on a weekend to congratulate us. This is our first and likely only child and we couldn't be happier. I wish you all luck, and send out my support.



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