Prometrium or Endometrin question
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TurtleLovesPenguin - October 27

Does anyone know what the shelf-life is of Prometrium?

We've been using Endometrin for the last couple of months while TTC. I got my BFP 2 days ago (10dpo) and yesterday DH was laid off from work. Great huh? *sigh* we've been trying for 3 years now, completely ready right up until DH looses his job, the day before we get the BFP.. Ironic huh?

Anyway I run out of Endometrin tomorrow and we can't afford to fill a new prescription. I've got some left over Prometrium (about 20 days worth) from a few months back. I don't have it in it's original bottle though and I don't remember the expiration date. I'm thinking this specific batch is about 13 or 14 months old. (I'd gotten some in bulk quite a while ago)...

My question is, does anyone know how long Prometrium lasts? It's been kept in my cabinet at room temp (72 or so degrees, never getting above 75 degrees or below 65 degrees). Do you think it's still good, will it make me sick? Could it harm my baby?

After 3 years of trying we have finally been blessed but I'm terrified that I might lose him/her if I don't start taking this Prometrium or find some Endometrin. Endometrin is so expensive though that with DH only getting unemployment we're not going to have much (if anything) left after bills. The prometrium would be a life saver if I can take it without any ill effects.

I'm considering progesterone cream but I've got so much info going through my head right now I'm not sure what to believe. I know some are USP, some are bio-identical, some are made from Yams and some are Progestins which cause birthdefects I guess.. I don't know.. they all sort of sound risky and I'd rather not have to go that route unless I run out of other options.

Help and advice is appreciated.

Thanks so much! God Bless!


B. Jacobs, M. D. - October 27

Oral progessterone absorbtion is very unpredictabel, and is largely destroyed by the liver, before it reaches the uterus. You cannot use enough progesterone cream to really do much good. If you cannot afford the endometrin, use progesternoe vaginal capsules. I have a specialty pharmacy make them for my patients. It is cheaper than Prometrium, and provides a great tissue lavel inthe endometrium - where you want it.
Good luck.


TurtleLovesPenguin - October 28

Do I ask my RE for it? Is there a specific name I should refference?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - November 5

That depends on how comfortable you feel about discussing it with your RE. IVPCare Pharmacy makes them for my patients.



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