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grubb823 - May 8

Hey, just looking for some general answers or suggestions from couples who are going through or have gone through fertility issues. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 4 years. We are both 26 and haven't really done anything except having unprotected sex .....with no successful pregnacies. We have just recently tried to find out if there are any fertility issues with either of us. So far they have checked my hormone levels.....normal, drawn blood to see if I ovulated....normal, general pelvic exams......normal, and on him....they did a general physical.....normal, and just got done with a semen analysis and blood draw....normal!!
So, I was just wondering what the next step would be?? I guess it would be me making an appt. with a fertility doctor and getting my tubes checked for any blockages. Is that right?? What else is there to check? Any advise, help, answers, or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!!


bdantonio - May 8

they will check your tubes then also check for antibodi disorders. they will do a ultra sound to check for abnormalities and then go from there.


grubb823 - May 9

Thanks for your reply! What are antibodi disorders?? Wish me luck.....I better go make an appointment.


jackieb - October 19

I can't seem to start a new thread so I figured I'd try posting a reply in order to ask everyone a question. Has anyone who has gone through fertility treatments that failed gone on to taking matters into their own hands? I've been thinking about buying meds on the internet and then just going through the same protocol I was doing at the fertility clinic. I'm sure I'll get a lot of negative feedback on that, but I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it or try it and if someone else has, did it work? I know my problem is strictly hormonal but visits to the clinics are costing me a fortune. The only thing that I can say I wouldn't get is the ultrasounds to see what my response is. Has anyone else done this too?



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