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Stacey85 - January 19

Hi guys,
brief run down my partner and I have been trying to concieve for over a year with no luck I have not been checked out yet as docs trying to make me try longer first,Af came full force today and for some reason I spoke to a psychic I don't disbelieve in things like that but was skeptical but she really blew me away she said a few things that she couldn't have known but are so true I will post whole conversation now below let me know your thoughts.

Stacey xxxxx


Stacey85 - January 19

Zhohara: Hello. How are you today??

Zhohara: It's nice to meet you Stacey...

Zhohara: How can I help you?

Stacey85: Hi my name is Stacey , I'm fine thank you what about you?

Zhohara: Oh pretty good...Done nothing but sleep all

Zhohara: (it's our weekend here so I can do that...)

Zhohara: Oh you just wrote the email... Yes, let me just take a look....

Zhohara: And you haven't had a workup from a doc??

Zhohara: I mean I get two timeframes/dates here... (the charting is a great thing... )

Stacey85: My partner and I have been trying to concieve for over a year only been charting ovulation for 3 months I have spoken to doc and have been told to try charting with ovulation before

Zhohara: They are right...good start....

Zhohara: But I will tell you what I see so that you have a general idea as well.... But just give me a sec more..I want to make very sure of what I see...

Zhohara: Ok my dear...This is going to be pretty short but to the point...(really it is going to be cheaper than an email read as well)


Zhohara: Are you ready?

Zhohara: Ok, click hire.


Zhohara: First thing, you COULD conceive within 6 months without help (by charting your ovulation) and it would be a fluke... What I see from you, it's like the cysts that form every month

Zhohara: in a normal woman just stick around a little longer with you than they should so you are only ovulating properly once every other month.... Simple injections once a doc sees this can

Zhohara: help you conceive FAST within 3 months if that is your aim...

Zhohara: And I see a little girl...A healthy little girl, but you need to be careful of your salt intake AND watch your glycemic index foods when you are pregnant with her... YOU are prone to

Zhohara: hypertension, and could be borderline sugar issues (though NOTHING to harm the baby....)

Zhohara: Well, what I see isn't full blown pregnancy diabetes but if you are prone to being pre diabetic it is always best to watch your GI's (LOTS of books on the subject)...

Stacey85: they look into it Yes so you think we will be blessed with children This is interesting as a few times I have had signs of being diabetic although never diagnosed Do you think we will

Zhohara: Yes, but I do feel the second one you will need a LITTLE extra help (more injections) because frankly I feel you should wait about 2 and a half years and try again..Would be optimal

Zhohara: for you to have your little boy.... Oddly though I see a total of three children so don't be surprised if there is not a set of twins there....

Zhohara: Because I see TWO pregnancies.... Well, also if you do the injections they have a higher incidence for twins anyway...

Zhohara: And you are in the UK, no? Make sure you are a squeaky wheel with them... They try to put you off more than you know when it comes to infertility...If you are very insistent, they will

Zhohara: send you quicker to a specialist....

Stacey85: also have any other children There are twins in my family my sister has twin girls and my mums mum was preg with twins but lost them Yes thats rightso should I contact a doc and get

Zhohara: Well, they will most likely make you TRY to chart your fertility for 6 months... You need a referall from your GP to go to a specialist from what I know about the UK... It would help

Zhohara: ease your mind greatly to go and see that what I am talking about is really minor, can be easily treated, and is very easy and you will relax (which will make conception easier)

Zhohara: Yes, I am going to hedge here and say yes simply because I only see ONE girl.... And that is the one you are going to be pregnant with.... This time...

Zhohara: But all children will be healthy though one of the little boys has a touch of asthma and may have a wheat intolerance but these days that is SO normal.... Well, that may be where it

Zhohara: comes from...It's not going to be MAJOR (inhaler every day) asthma but he may not grow out of it....

Zhohara: I am very glad... If you need me for anything else, let me know...

Stacey85: the ball rolling Do you think our twins will both be boys you really amaze me i also have asthma so does one of my sisters girls you really have helped me so much

Zhohara: Good luck!

Zhohara: Oh one more thing...Don't freak out if you gain weight during the injections..You will, nothing you can do, it's water weight....

Zhohara: (We are trying as well...)

Zhohara: lots of love

Zhohara: Good, but I freaked out....

Zhohara: I agree....

Stacey85: You definatly would be my first port of call thank you soooo much. I can always lose weight it will be worth it for my precious babies one more thing my partner and I have been taking

Zhohara: It won't hurt... It may help a little.... Don't stop.... Anything you can do to even give you that psychological boost (naturally) I am all for and both of these are very good....


Zhohara: Up your zinc intake though hon...And your magnesium... Your prediabetic signs will disappear... Zinc liquid drops...

Stacey85: ovulex and ambroze we bought from us to help should we stop taking this Thank you so much I definatly would recommend you you have helped me so much I spoke to someone else before who

Zhohara: Magnesium also helps fertility.... Oh NO.... I don't see that at all.. Your partner has his faults but he is devoted to you..... You may want to hit him with a frying pan sometimes

Zhohara: but no, you two have a good relationship now....

Stacey85: i dont think was genuine she told me my partner cheated on me and alot of other things Im so glad as i get insecure due to past experence but dont think he would and love him so much

Zhohara: Don't listen..You are trying for a baby.... Relax and enjoy the experience...Don't let ANYONE put anything negative in your head like that..You have a good one and you are going

Zhohara: to be a great family....

Zhohara: Lots of love and get that zinc....

Zhohara: Your business will be successful...It's like it is coasting now, but it will steadily get better (which is better than tipping all at once and burning out) so yes, think great thoughts

Zhohara: about that because business will be very successful.... Keep a green candle lit.... It will help.

Zhohara: Lots of love

Zhohara: xxxxxxxxxxx

Zhohara: take care of your family....

Zhohara: bye for now

Zhohara: most welcome... bye....

Stacey85: Thank you so much I better go tho horses to do oh sorry do you see our business being sucessful Thank you so much take care i cannt thank you enough xxxxxxxxx talk again and thank you


Stacey85 - January 19

Also wondering what kind of cysts does it sound like she is talking about ??? What treatment of injections do you think she means. Any help greatly appreciated.

Stacey xxxxxxxxxx


Mahogany Heart - January 20


Stacey here is some information on cysts.

are ovarian cysts?[/b]

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac, and can be located anywhere in the body. On the ovary, different types of cysts can form. The most common type of ovarian cyst is called a functional cyst, which often forms during the normal menstrual cycle. Each month, a woman's ovaries grow tiny cysts that hold the eggs. When an egg is mature, the sac breaks open to release the egg, so it can travel through the fallopian tube for fertilization. Then the sac dissolves. In one type of functional cyst, called a follicular cyst, the sac doesn't break open to release the egg and may continue to grow. This type of cyst usually disappears within one to three months. A corpus luteum cyst, another type of functional cyst, forms if the sac doesn’t dissolve. Instead, the sac seals off after the egg is released. Fluid then builds up inside of it. This type of cyst usually goes away on its own after a few weeks. However, it can grow to almost four inches and may bleed or twist the ovary and cause pain. Clomid or Serophene, which are drugs used to induce ovulation, can raise the risk of getting this type of cyst. These cysts are almost never associated with cancer.

[b]There are also other types of cysts:[/b]

[b]Endometriomas.[/b] These cysts develop in women who have endometriosis, when tissue from the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. The tissue may attach to the ovary and form a growth. These cysts can be painful during sexual intercourse and during menstruation.

[b]Cystadenomas.[/b] These cysts develop from cells on the outer surface of the ovary. They are often filled with a watery fluid or thick, sticky gel. They can become large and cause pain.

[b]Dermoid cysts.[/b] The cells in the ovary are able to make hair, teeth, and other growing tissues that become part of a forming ovarian cyst. These cysts can become large and cause pain.

[b]Polycystic ovaries.[/b] The eggs mature within the follicles, or sacs, but the sac doesn't break open to release the egg. The cycle repeats, follicles continue to grow inside the ovary, and cysts form. For more information about polycystic ovaries, refer to our FAQ on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


Mahogany Heart - January 20

Here is some information on injections.

are a regular and normal part of infertility treatments and the IVF procedure. These medications are used to prepare the body for treatment and to increase the probability that more healthy eggs are released from the ovaries. Your reproductive specialists will evaluate your situation to determine the most appropriate medications for your treatment process.

[b]The Following Medications Are Used For Ovarian Stimulation:

[b]Clomiphene citrate:[/b] There are two types of medications. Clomid® and Serophene® are both tablets administered orally most commonly to stimulate ovulation in women who have infrequent periods or long cycles. Potential side effects include:

[*]Increased incidence of multiple birth
[*]Increased incidence of miscarriage
[*]Hot flashes, nausea, and breast tenderness
[*]Headaches or blurred vision
[*]Depression and mood swings
[*]Ovarian cysts and pelvic discomfort

[b]Synthetic Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG):[/b] Intramuscular [u]injections[/u] used to induce the final maturational changes in the eggs and prepare them for retrieval. Common hCG medications include: Pregnyl®, Profasi® and Novarel®. There are no known side effects.

[b]Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH):[/b] [u]An injection[/u] given below the skin that bypasses the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to directly stimulate follicle growth in the ovaries. Common FSH medications include: Fertinex®, Follistim®, and Gonal-F®. Potential side effects include:

[*]Increased incidence of multiple birth
[*]Increased incidence of miscarriage and premature delivery
[*]Breast tenderness, swelling, or rash at injection site
[*]Mood swings and depression
[*]Hyperstimulation syndrome which includes enlarged ovaries, abdominal pain and bloating

[b]Human Menopausal Gonadotropins (hMG):[/b] [u]An injection [/u]that contains equal parts of FSH and LH (luteinizing hormone), or hCG as an LH substitute, given to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs during one cycle. Common hMG medications include: Humegon®, Pergonal®, and Repronex®. These are the most potent ovulation medications currently used today. Potential side effects include the same as noted above for FSH.

[b]Bromocriptine and Cabergoline:[/b] Oral medications used to reduce the amount of prolactin released by the pituitary. The brand name for bromocriptine is Parlodel® and the brand name for cabergoline is Dostinex®. Potential side effects include:

[*]Nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion
[*]Headache, dizziness, fainting
[*]Decreased blood pressure

[b]Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone:[/b] [u]An injection[/u] used to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete LH and FSH. Common names for GnRH medications include: Factrel® and Lutrepulse®. Potential side effects include:

[*]Slight chance of multiple births
[*]Mild hyperstimulation which includes enlarged ovaries, abdominal pain, and bloating
[*]Headaches and nausea

[b]The Following Medications Are Used to Prevent Premature Ovulation:[/b]

[b]GnRH Agonists (Analogs):[/b] There are two types of medications. Lupron® and Zoladex® are [u]injections[/u] given below the skin and Synarel® is a nasal spray. These medications are used to enable the body to produce a higher number of quality eggs. These medications are also designed to prevent the mid-cycle hormonal surge which can result in a cancelled cycle. Potential side effects include:

[*]Hot flashes
[*]Mood swings
[*]Vaginal dryness
[*]Decreased breast size
[*]Painful intercourse
[*]Bone loss

[b]GnRH Antagonists:[/b] These medications, Antagon® and Cetrotide®, are [u]injections[/u] administered for three to four days. These medications operate as antagonists of the gonadotropin causing the hormone (GnRH) to be released to help prevent premature ovulation. Potential side effects are the same as GnRH.


Mahogany Heart - January 20


Supernatural Baby Dust and I hope you find my information very useful.

Keep the Faith!!!


Emma_31 - January 21


was this online conversation you had with a psychic? I am confised...



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