why green tea
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liz - August 12

Grandmaof2 -

Thank you very much. It has been a roller coaster of a ride but it looks like we might have finally made it.

Best of luck to you


lili246 - August 15

One question ladies,
The green tea should be taken while eating our lunch or dinner? or should it be taken alone? Or does it matter at all?

Just want some feedback.




liz - August 15

Lili -

You can drink the green tea anytime. I drank mine in the am mainly. Sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes the evening. Anytime is fine and I don't think you need to drink it with food.



lili246 - August 16

Thank You for letting me know.
I was just taking it with food, cause I want to avoid drinking those sodas. But I will buy some so I can take at work and drink them.

Thanks so much Liz.



liz - August 17

Lili -

You are very welcome. If you are a big soda drinker drinking the green tea in repalce of soda would probably be beneficial. I would if I were you drink the decafinated. I don't know if I told you before I sweeten it with honey and spelnda for a sweeter taste.

Let me know how you make out using green tea, I am curious as to your experience.

Good luck,


lili246 - August 17

Thanks again and sure I will try the decaf green tea. I'll keep you posted.
Also one more question, beside a big soda drinker. I eat alot of spicy food. I've been having upset stomach. Do you think that may be the cause of this small cramps? While I am taking ovulex. Maybe I should limit my spicy foods and avoid them so they won't interfere with the ovulex? Don't you think?

Thanks for everything Liz.



lili246 - August 17

By the way Liz,
Hows everything coming along with your pregnancy, is everything ok?

Best Wishes..


liz - August 24

Hi Lili -

Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing?

I am doing good! Very tired, but that is to be expected when you are expecting. :)

Let me know how you are doing when you get a chance.

Take care,


lili246 - August 24

Hi liz,
I am feeling terrible right now because I have thhis bad cold. I don't have much energy. I hope that it goes away soon.
I've been drinking the tea but only when I eat, you know I don't like teas and it's so hard for me to drink it. But here I am trying. I just hope I get good news soon, it gets so depressing every month when it comes on to testing and seeing all those BFN.

So how are you doing, howz everything with your pregnancy, are you having twins?

Take Care and please tell your baby to give me all that good baby dust he has. Share it with the poors..lol



liz - August 24

Lili -

Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good! :( Lots of rest thats what is best for those nasty colds.

Its hard to drink something that you are not fond of. Me for instance I like water but boy do I get sick of it after awhile. I have to drink atleast 64oz of it a day and let me tell you for me it is hard. I can relate to the not wanting to drink it. Hang in there, do what you can thats all you can ask for.

It is very hard when you are ttc and month after month get bfn. I have been down so many times through my journey I can not even count them. All I can tell you is have faith and keeping looking forward! The hardest part is waiting for it to happen. We want it now and sometimes (as we all know) it does not always happen as fast as we would like.

I am doing just fine. Very tired but this is to be expected. I did have an u/s and it showed 2 sacs and 2 yokes, so yes it does look like twins. I am trying not to get too excited yet (after 3 m/c you learn to take it easy). Next Friday we will have another u/s and should see the heartbeats. I think I will feel a bit better after that.

I know it is hard Lili, but keep you head up and keep chugging along. It is worth it in the long run!

Take care of yourself.
I am sending lots of sticky baby dust your way.


lili246 - August 25

Thanks you very much for the support, Wow twins that is going to be hard work, but it will be worth it. I am so happy for you and I am glad that everything is good. I know how you feel tired so have some rest and sleep take those good naps that they feel so good.
Yeah I try to rest but with my almost 2 year old son it is very hard because I have to be in back of him evdrytime. and beside this weekend I have a big 15 birthday party so I hope that I feel better by saturday, the bad thing is that my son is catching my cold and that is not to good.
Well take good care of yourself and TTYL.

Have a great weekend!




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