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sabrina - January 5

yes a chat room would be great, because i can't seem to move around in here, i have replies and i can't even find them. what about yahoo chat make our own room up there or something'



Jen1983 - January 12

I believe a board for the newbies to the infertility world would be a good idea.


Trina76 - May 19

I think that ttc after a m/c board would be great


trying4number1 - August 24

How about a section for women with PCOS? To share stories, treatments and TTC journeys with.


Amanda Ivey - December 17

Maybe a board specifically for introducing yourself and your story on your ttc journey, I would like to know a lot about everyone, i have been posting here since Oct 05' and I have grown very close to these nice ladies, I think that having this board would help newbies and everyone else open up and get to know eachother better.


Amanda Ivey - December 17

P.S I love the idea of ttc and how it has changed our relationships, or if it even has with our partners


Amanda Ivey - December 17

oooo also would you mind making one for the women who concieved and already gave birth on this site to keep in touch and stay up to date....I'm sick of posting in their BFP forums :D Thank you


jacky - January 14

Hi my name is jacky and this is my first time on this website. i have read almost all of the commen that are posted and im sorry to say that im in the same situation. i have been trying to get pregant for a 1year and 5 month. this is very hard for me because my husband really wants a baby i feel very depress and i dont know what to do. i have try every thing and nothing seemes to work. they told me about the book miracle do happen, does that book really help :-[


keisha - September 20

Hi i am pretty new here but i would like to suggest a board for women who have had tubal reversal i know of a few of us here and our journey is a lil diff since we have been on the other side our whole lives and now we are ttc with new issues i think it would be a great resource for us women and anyone thinking of having a reversal so they can see what some of us are going thru and maybe we can meet some women who have had success after reversal just a thought thanks Keisha


brennaGF - October 14

one for ttc after ectopic would be really helpful


kathyadam - December 27

Can you stop the awful pornography on the site?

Can you block the IP address of the people/programs that are sending it? It is really insensitive. I was looking for advice after my baby died and ended up seeing some really disgusting stuff that did not help.



Marina - December 28

Yes,I agree,would be nice if moderator did his job and got rid of porn on this forum that been there for months.
Thank you.


Tracie64 - March 9


I have been TTC for 6 years and am 43yo. I have done 14 transfers all IVFS/FETs and have never got one implantation yet thats 14 BFNs.

I am starting to find there are more and more women in my position and as they call implantation the dark box of IVF then we need as much info as we can get.

There is so much stuff on the internet about multiple failed implantations after IVF/FET you dont know what to believe so chatting to other girls and getting advice on what they did to improve there odds would be fantastic.

Thanks for giving us the chance to input



smart - March 9

Hi Tracie,
you have been through such a lot it's so difficult to deal with is'nt it? I have had several early m/c's and am now looking into blastocyst transfer (is this the same as ivf transfres), although i know little about it as yet. My problem seems to be with the implantation of the embryo as the pregnancy seems to end by 6weeks!


Tracie64 - March 10

Hi Wen

Blastocyst transfer is still IVF but it means the embryo
is a day 5 or 6 instead of day 2-3. This means the embryo is a lot more developed and easier to see which ones are the better ones. I f you go onto the internet and put blastocyst transfer in you can get all the info you need.

I just feel that if there are implantation problems as Im not getting pregnant at all I need to do further testing.
In your case as you are M/C at 6 weeks your could be an embryo problem as you are getting a pregnancy
So sorry to hear about that what a horrible thing to go through

Take care of yourself and good luck

Tracie64xxo ;)Aussie girl



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