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honeybearnovie - November 27

I just wanted to ask if anyone that has been on Ovulex hasit made you go to the bathroom alot. I started it last Wednesday taking it like it says and I found that I can not stop using the bathroom (BM) like every hour even in the night. I just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem, if so please write me back. I just want to know if it is the pills or something else that I might be going through.



honeybearnovie - November 27

Sorry to be a bug,
I also wanted to know if you do not have a regular period will the Ovulex help that come down? I had chem 12 years ago now my period is not regular, so I just wanted to know this question. Anyone know the answer please reply to me.

Thanks again,


sarah soveran - November 27


hey yes ever since i have takin the ovulex it has made me go to the washroom soo damn much its kinda embarrising lol its like every half hour to every hour like its really crazy and yah p i like so iregular and im hoping for ovulex to fix that problem

andrea can you tell me what times you took your ovulex at?


Mahogany Heart - November 27


Sorry I have not experience going to the bathroom all time. I go as regular. I have very irregular periods and I used provera to jump start my cycle this time. Hopefully if not pregnant I will come on my cycle without jump starting it with Provera again. I had been taking Ovulex since Oct. 15, 2005 and I haven't seen a cycle for 138 days prior to the Ovulex so I took some Provera on Nov. 5, 2005 and came on 5 days later. Not sure if Ovulex will regulate my cycle since they come on when then want too but it has some ladies. I really like Ovulex and I see a difference in my CM and that is a good thing.


Mahogany Heart - November 28

[size=4][color=Orange]WHERE IS EVERYONE?[/color][/size]

ARE THEY NOW?[/move][/color][/size]

[size=4][color=LimeGreen]WHERE IS THE SISTERHOOD?[/color][/size]


[size=4][color=Red]WHERE ARE YOU?[/color][/size]


AMANDa - November 28

Hi everyone I am beginning a new cycle expecting to o tuesday I also just started preseed 2 days ago it has been working for me and hubby so far and it feels great.


tta - November 28

hello sweethearts
just popping in to say hello and hope everyone had a wonderful weekend

MH got you mail. i am expecting to see the new one you said i should invite people to.

cd25 today.


Andrea - November 28

welcome newbies....hi sisters, i hope eveyone had a great weekend. i'm assuming that's why not a lot of people were on the board.

tta - is this the last day of your cycle???

sarah - i was taking my ovulex at 7am and 7pm and drinking green tea at lunch time.

sorry i have not been around this weekend the ol' morning sickness has kicked in - although it's morning, noon and night sickness....it makes me sooo happy even though i'm feeling sick - because i know my hormone levels are rising.
ultra sound #2 went good didn't get a clear view of the heartbeat but saw the sac and baby! have my 1st dr.'s appointment this week - finally get to bug him with my millions of questions!

have a stellar day everyone!


tta - November 28

hello Andrea
enjoy the morning sickness: a lot of women will do anything to be in your position lol
hope you get better soon sweetie

well my cycle lasts 27days so fngers crossed



Mahogany Heart - November 28

Good Morning Sisters, Ladies and Newbies.

Has everyone on the pledge received my email?

Sisters, Nanci has been doing alot of research trying to find something special for our sisterhood. Please check your email.

Looking at the tickers somethings has happen and somethings are getting ready to happen. Please make sure you note everything. We Will Conquer This Infertility.


Is 6 weeks into MommyHood. You Go Girl!!!


Not sure what is going on with your cycle you are 43days and no cycle. From my understanding you took a Pregnancy Test and it was negative. Maybe you should see your Doctor and find out where is AF.


You are looking good CD25 three days short of AF on 28days and seven days short of AF on 32days short of AF.


You are starting over I see CD5. We have already talk you know what you need to do.


Just like me with cycle length. You are CD109. You are waiting for AF natural. You have options but waiting patiently while taking Ovulex.


We are right behind each other on schedule. I'm just praying that the only reason my cycle stop will be pregnancy and not because it stop again. If not pregnant I hope it come on like schedule.


Looks like you will be testing soon.

If I missed your name I'm sorry I will modify later and add.


Mahogany Heart - November 28


Ok everything in my infertility has a schedule. The time I take my Ovulex, the days I BD, the time I take my temperature. Almost everyting I do is on schedule and sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my movie package, my infertility, my production company, my family, my job and alot of other things until I can't believe DH and I fell asleep on a BD night (last night).


Les23 - November 28

Well as of this morning I am still not peaking on the FM. I am getting anxious.

So how as everyones T-day? I am still full. It was great that we could all get together since there are so many in the family that live so far away.

Well they are still going with the name Logan there is no turning back so Dh is pissed and said F-it.

Oh well there will be a more perfect name out there for us.


sarah soveran - November 28

MH yes im going to see my doc tomorow im not to sure why im not getting my a/f but maybe i can get it jump started so i can get back on track. and try for the next month :D

i had a great weekend i invited my family and friends over to have a house warming party it went great :)

but i better get back to getting ready for work i had my 2 days off and am feeling better now so i will talk to you ladies maybe later tonight or tomorow.. baby dust to all


Debbie - November 28

Hi all,

Hope you had a great weekend.

I stared Ovulex on Friday. I am now abt 70 days late. Do u think I should jump start my cycle with provera? I'm not sure if I should wait for some time now that I started Ovulex or jump start my cycle & then resume Ovulex.

Sisters, plz advice.



April J - November 28

Goodafternoon ladies! Its so good to be able to read all of your messages again.. I had computer problems, (had to have it replaced) and then I tried to get on last week and it would not accept my log on etc. so I had to change all that and now I am back on. :) Still have not gotten the ticker down but I will...

I am sorry I can't talk long, but even though I have been on for a short time I have missed reading your encourging words and what you share with each other. I wish all of you the best and pray for all..

PS: MH thank you very much for the email it meant a lot..

Talk to you soon.
Baby dust and prayers for all


April J - November 28




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