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LouiseSA - November 27

Hi Everyone, I am all the way from South Africa. Very disappointed right now. I have had 2 IVF, one with my husband's sperm, which also had a very low sperm count and the last one with donor sperm. I am not sure if maybe I am doing something wrong, or should I have hope that it will happen. I am already 39 years old and yes time is running out.

Regards, Louise


Brianandjena - November 30

Hi .. wow S.A. very far huh... welcome!
It will happen for you I will pray for you. Keep your spirits up..


LouiseSA - November 30

Hi Jena,
Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. I will get there.


lucky - November 30

Hie louise sa
hang on there u will succeed we all will pray and wellcome to the journey, am on my first ivf faild3 iui treatment hoping for the best have a first ultrsound time on 4 december ,
lotts of baby dust,


lucky - November 30

Hie jena how u doing,
Did u get any good news , best of luck.


DianaGR - December 1

Hi ladies,

Louise SA - Hi I am also from SA but have been living in Greece for the last 15 years. Its great to see plp from SA on here ;D

SOrry to hear about your BFN with IVF. Do not despair its common not to bet PG on first couple of tries. Dont get discouraged try again and it will happen.

I also want you guys to read this very interesting doc about stress on


a great weekend and a great month. Nearly Christmas!


Brianandjena - December 3

Hi thank you for asking about me. I am on the dreaded 2ww . But I am feeling very very negative about it/ so I am trying not to talk about it much/ thank you again for asking. How r u doing*?


DianaGR - December 4

Hi Jenna, Hi ladies,

I too am on the 2ww, its dreadful. I am trying very hard not to think about it, but unfortunately thats all thats on my mind.
Maybe we are trying too hard, maybe we should just let ourselves go and whatever happens.

Anyway, all keep well and look after yourselves first and then everyone else!



Brianandjena - December 5

*HUG* hey what cd are you? and u r doing ivf right?
any symptoms?


DianaGR - December 5

Hi Jenna, "HUG" back

No I am on Ovulex for the 2 month, I just cant bring myself to start IVF, I have a phobia about injections and the last 3 rounds I was having 3 inj a day, I just cant. There must be another way! I am waiting for AF Mon/Tue hopefully she wont show her ugly mug. Whatever happens is Gods will and I will leave it to that.



LouiseSA - December 5

Hi Diana,

Thanks for you message. I never thought I would feel so discourrage about this. I have 2 childred from my previous marriage, and really thought I would fall pregnant very easily, but maybe my age is also playing a role here. Now I want it so badly. I am corresponding with a docter here in SA, who suggested that I must be tested for a couple of things to make sure that everything is ok with me. Somehow I do have a little more hope....



DianaGR - December 5

Hi Louise,

Try not to be too discouraged, sometimes its just a matter of timing. Have some tests done, sometimes we have problems which dont have any symptoms e.g. I had a fybroid in the uterus entrance and it didnt give any signs whatsoever. I had it removed and hopefully things will go well.

Has your husband been checked? He could be the one with the problem have you thought about that?
Let me know what happens with your tests.



LouiseSA - December 5


Yes my husband has very low sperm count. So the first ivf they used his sperm and with the second ivf we used donor sperm because of his probem. They retrieved 21 eggs from me.

Regards, Louise


DianaGR - December 5


21 Eggs are quite a number!, did you freeze some for another try or where they not usable?

I think with IVF being very calm and relaxed plays a very big role. Anxiety and stress do not help at all. I fell preg twice two years ago by natural means both on the first month try. I was relaxed and didnt think not once that I would be pregnant after 1st try. And now that we have every little detail planned... when I O when cm is right etc.... nothing.

I wish you the best of luck. How old are you? I am 43
how old are your kids from your first marriage? Sorry about all the questions dont feel obliged to answer if you dont want to.

Keep well


LouiseSA - December 5

I don't mind to answer your questions. As far as I know my eggs were all fine. I don't like to freeze, I just feel is won't be ok to use. I am 39 now and my girl is 14 and my bo 9.

I will just have to be very calm when we do ivf again. Sure this could be a problem if u are to anxious.




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