Is there anything you Desire more than or the same as Having a Baby?
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Mahogany Heart - November 2

Is there anything you Desire more than or the same as Having a Baby?

If so please share?


Les23 - November 2

The only thing right at this moment would be for 5:00p.m. to come. My neck hurts and I want to go home!!!

No just joking, I think that it really isn't more desired but pretty close would be to get out of debt. It seems like it is a never ending cycle, I pay one thing off and then there is something else.

Also I will be quite honest the one thing I desire more that even a baby would be for me to quit smoking at all. I do not smoke a lot but every now and again I crave and crave then bam!!! I am smoking. It is so irritating and I piss myself off every time. It seems like I have not will power sometimes.


Mahogany Heart - November 2


I warning you I'm going to ban you from my posting. It don't make any sense how you got me over here rolling. lol lol lol. Ok DH is going to think Im doing other things on this internet.

Keep it coming we need to laugh. You made my day. ;D


Les23 - November 2

Sorry :-\ I will try and be good!!!


sarah soveran - November 2

no there is nothing else this has been my dream for ever it would be like winning a million dollors or maybe more just the second for a women to find out she is pregnant would be priceless thats why im hoping and praying for all you gurls i wish you all the best and you will have some hope from me keep hoping and it will come true


Mahogany Heart - November 2

Les23, You are the best. ;D

Yes there is something I desire the same as having a baby and that is to get my Screenplays Produced. You see I have been writing for a long time and I have 14 Screenplays. I'm in search of a Literary Agent now. This talent has to come from God (everyone has their own beliefs) because the way I create a storyline will amaze you. I can write a full length Screenplay in a day and take the next six days and revise if I have too. That is my desire as too having a baby.


Andrea - November 3

Interesting Mahogany, sounds like we are almost in the same business.
I am an Actor (this is my full-time job - although in this business it ends up being part time most of the time)..errrr.
I desire so badly to succeed in the entertainment business. Acting has been my life since I was 11.
However, my family comes first - always.
Les23, your awesome too! I hope it's not too soon in our relaitonship to say this. But I love you guys.

--Andrea & Matt, Both 25
Married June 2004
TTC for over 1 year
Toronto, Canada


Mahogany Heart - November 3

Wow Andrea we have more in common than I thought and no its not to soon in our relationship to have the love we have for each. You can not put a time frame on love in a Sister Hood that is so real.

I love you back


Les23 - November 3

:D Well I love you all too!!


Les23 - November 3

You all sound like you have very interesting jobs!! I just sell insurance for State Farm. I meet a lot of "different" people but nothing as interesting as you two.
M-Heart have you had any of your screen plays produced? That is so neat!!!!
Andrea - have we seen you in anything?


CIN - November 3

WOW! Sounds like some very interesting lifes. I'm the simple 9-5 office job (insurance as well for The Hartford) get home go to gym & walk the dog kinda gal.
Wasted 7yrs on a loser of a bf then met my soul mate...
Anything and all I desire is for this magnificent end result of having my baby being married and in my OWN home. So currently working on planning a wedding and search for new hom in new yr. & hope the baby part will magically happen (magically is that a word did i spell that right...!! lol ) I lost my mom early this yr in March and hope she will help me through this, she besides my sis are only ones who knew how hard it was for me so I just hope her spirits will lead me to this sucess!!
cin - 30yrs sa tx ttc 7yrs (or longer)


Les23 - November 3

I know what you mean about the 9-5 Cin. sometimes it can be a little boring but other times it gets quite crazy in here. there are so really weird people. So where is everyone? I am in Illinois


cin - November 3

IL, I have an aunt that lives up there.
ME boring San Antonio, TX HOWEVER home of the champion ship SPURSSSS!!! ;D
Les23 u sell insurance? auto? I have the luxury of amending the policies and speaking w/agents via phone only !!.... :) and speaking w/agents like your self.


Les23 - November 3

I sell all 4 lines, auto, fire, life, and health. It sure is fun let me tell yah. I deal with all the customers. I live in the belly button of IL. Quincy that is. We are close to Hannibal Mo. It is like 15 minutes away. We usually are all about Cardinals, and Rams around here. We think Chicago has the worst team in every league. They should give it up!! Although last basketball season th Fighting Illini did really well. We were very proud!!!


Mahogany Heart - November 3


Not yet that is my desire to get them produced.


It will happen just keep your head high and remember our pledge.

We will all be Mothers someday soon.


Andrea - November 3

Hi gals - wow i love reading were everyone is from, and what they do. It's nice to put some reality on the lives we share with eachother.
We'll you guys already know what I do and that I live in Toronto.
As for seeing me in anything I doubt it unless your from Canada.
When I was a kid I did mostly commercials. Now it's all films and Canadian TV.
I am signed with Warner Brothers, so I am limited in what I do right now for films (has to be a WB or independant).
Kinda frustrating cause it leaves me doing mostly tv (not really my goal).
But on the other hand it gives me lots of time to make babies.......and new friends (I am of course talking about you guys!!!) ;D

Ok over the Ovulex Board.
Bye for now!


Dona - November 4

Just saw this post and I must saw without a doubt, I want a child more than ANYTHING at all on this earth and I would give away, sell, toss every single material item I had if it meant I could conceive a child.

Here's to Ovulex being my (our) miracle! My husband's insurance does NOT pay one cent towards and IUI or IVF and I strongly feel one or the other could have helped us, but we could never afford them.

Oh, by the way, I'm just a housewife, but it's a lot of work when I take care of two active pups and a husband and a large house.

Les23, I live in the St. Louis area!!!!



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